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All user reviews for the Numark Mixtrack

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
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JimboSpins's review"Comes with Serato"

Numark Mixtrack
The Numark Mixtrack is a DJ Controller that has 2 jog wheels and comes with Serato Dj Software. The Serato DJ Software that it comes with is not even close to being one of my favorite DJ software programs, but it will work great if you are a new user. Since it is made for Serato you will have no issues installing and using it with that software. You can however use the Numark Mixtrack with whatever software you want to use it with but it could throw you for a loop trying to set it up. It took me forever to get it set up with a few different software programs. I only got the chance to use the Numark Mixtrack for about 6 hours all in one day and the first thing that I notice with it is that it was really fun. There was no way that I could do a live set with it because it just is not made well enough for me to use it but for just messing around with at home made those 6 hours pass in no time.
Setting it up with Serato is simple and you will be using it right away. The learning curve is small if you have used a similar unit like this before. If it is your first time then it will only take you about a hour to get all of the simple and most basic functions of it down and learn to use it with Serato.
The worst part of the Numark Mixtrack is that it comes with Serato, I cannot stand that program and it is not professional at all. I have seen some DJ’s use Serato for their live sets before and the rocked it! But for me it just doesn’t cut it. Serato will never be a part of my set.
Adyssey Beats06/22/2012

Adyssey Beats's review"Portable, but limited."

Numark Mixtrack
The Numark Mixtrack is a digital DJ controller that is housed in a plastic shell with two jog-wheels, three volume faders and one cross-fader, playback and cue buttons, and a small effects rack. For what is included this piece of equipment is a fairly good deal for new DJs or DJs looking for a fairly small, durable, cheap and portable unit. With regards to the price the Mixtrack will only set you back $149 if you buy it new - not a bad deal if it's not being used in a professional context. I lucked out and got a year-old used version from a friend for only $40 dollars. Unfortunately after only a year seeing intermittent use the unit I was given had issues with the left jog-wheel and some of the lighted buttons. However I was still able to play around with the device in both Traktor and V-DJ Pro and it still works today. The aspect of the Mixtrack that is the biggest set-back and really turns me off to recommending this device is the fact that it requires an external sound-card for cueing and play-back. No headphone, RCA or XLR inputs, just a USB cable to connect to your computer - to be expected with the low price I guess. The funny thing is Numark released the solution to their self-created problem in the form of the Numark DJ I/O, which I will also provide a review for if you are interested in getting the combo. Fortunately I got my DJ I/O used as part of the $40 deal for the decks. All in all the Numark Mixtrack is a cheap and easy to use unit that is durable and aesthetically pleasing. However if you are a professional DJ who has money to be spending on better portable units it's certainly not worth getting the Mixtrack unless it is purely for entertainment purposes.