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Dixcove 09/22/2012

Numark NDX900 : Dixcove's user review

«  Excellent for its price! »

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I use it for about 1 month.

Before, I had the controller IdjLive but its does not really matter:-D

I love: His exceptional value for money, it is very accurate and very responsive reading Usb asser is fast.

I do not like: the plastic aspect but for the price its not really bother me. Bontons the play / pause / cue that did not look great but take strong at the moment and I repeat for the price I complain really. The wet / dry effects is not top of 75% means almost no difference when there is no more that 1.5 cm change is already huge but it is great to have a box effect for this price!

As I have already said is exceptional value for money and all the criticisms I make are not really as decks offering these functions without blemish cost about 1000 euro.

I would do my choice I hesitate to even make me a third!