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JimboSpins 02/24/2013

Numark NDX900 : JimboSpins's user review

« Great with software »

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The Numark NDX900 is a USB DJ CD controller, I was able to spin and scratch on it as well as use it has an interface for my DJ software. Using this controller was easy because it has a large backlit display that looks great in bad lighting situations or poor lighting environments. I have used this unit at a few clubs and party’s. It has built in effects, and it is also good for remixing some songs and even sampling.
Getting this up and running was pretty quick and easy because to me it was very similar to the CDJ 1000 from Pioneer so it felt like it was as simple as that was. The Hot cues are great and have a fast response. The FX’s are ok, but they didn’t do anything spectacular for me because there were only a few of them built into the Numark NDX900.
This unit (NDX900) is a great unit to start off with because it is very easy to work with and learn from. Most all of the other units that I have used are very similar to this one, they are just more in depth. Depending on which software you use with the NDX900 will determine how easy it is to use but you can pretty much use it with any program you want to use it with. Mine came with Virtual DJ and I loved using it with that because it was easy to work with.
The build of this unit is great, and it does not seem cheap. It cost a little over 300 dollars but I purchased it used for under 280. This unit was one of my favorite units to do remixes with via the software because I am so familiar with using it and it has become very easy and quick to work with.