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JimboSpins 11/07/2012

Numark V7 : JimboSpins's user review

« real vinyl feel »

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The Numark V7 is a software controller for your computer, it will sync with it quickly and easily. Usually with software controllers you will notice how cheap they feel because they are just controllers and you cannot really do anything with just the controller. It is sort of like a MIDI controller, they are plastic and not well made. But the Numark V7 is well made and it has a real direct drive platter. That is why it cost so much just for a controller, the direct drive platter alone is better than some real CDJ platters that I have used in the past.
You can use this unit with any software that you are familiar with or most comfortable with. You can hook it up with another V7 or you can use it straight with your software. But either way the controller will work great for your set up. If you want to start working with CDJ’s and cannot afford a full CDJ system then the Numark V7 will give you that CDJ and real vinyl feel all while letting you work with your favorite computer DJ software.
This unit is well made and simple to us, it is not a standalone device and has to have a computer hooked to it in order for it to be effective. There are no inputs or outputs and no effects. Everything is done in the computer so make sure you have software that you feel comfortable using. It does come with Serato in case you need something to start with. The size of the unit is also smaller and portable; it will fit perfectly on a small workspace and does not take up much room. This single deck controller will get you up and running in the DJ world while giving the real vinyl feel with the platter. It is a must have!