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johnrae 03/12/2013

Numark V7 : johnrae's user review

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The Numark V7 is a high-res performing level digital turntable. It features a responsive, direct drive platter with high and low torque adjustments, so it will operate however you like. This deck is a completely digital midi controller, and allows you to adjust things like tempo, effects settings, eq, loops, samples and more. Setup is very easy, simply connect it to your soundcard interface and install the needed drivers and fire away. The table feels great under your fingers and is responsive and quick. The buttons are all illuminated, great for dark clubs and provide tactile feedback, in the form of a click so you know when they've been pressed. The knobs have a heavy duty feel, and are rubberized and easy to grip. The placement of the knobs is perfect for anyone with any size fingers, not too far apart as to waste space, but not too close that you can't turn them easily. The sliders are also high quality, offering a good amount of resistance and response, without feeling flimsy. The build is VERY solid, rugged metal. Very heavy, you could probably shoot this thing with a bullet and not cause any damage. The tables feature "audiophile grade circutry" and sound and perform excellently. Assembly of the platter is very easy and takes about 2 minutes. The manual is clear and concise and easy to read. The tables include a copy of Serato's ITCH software, so you can start using them right away. My favorite thing about the V7's is probably just how good the 7" Platters feel under my fingers, and how responisve and realistic they are, without taking up a ton of space. Everything on the unit is both solid and responsive, and I highly recommend this to someone looking for a good intermediate level digital turntable.