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iceteax 03/07/2011

Numark V7 : iceteax's user review

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I use it for 2 days.

I try many models,
I mix 2 Technics M5G and technics mk2 in NOISEMAP / CT with virtual DJ for 3 platos available.
I actually sold the 2 M5G for this equipment.
I have a Hercules MK2
I eu different cd player (Pioneer, neonumerique, reloop)

The +:
Function of maintenance free vinyl, not vinyl wear Timecoded view that the yen has not.
not wear celula: D

threw not very enthusiastic about using the button to select the song .... ereur what is a massacre there in 10 seconds S'i accustomed stopwatch. foot.

full of little button that vinyl did not (2/4/8 IN loop out, CUE 1 2 3 4 5)

a sync button lights (I use it for the moment not because I always prefer my callee piece myself, AC can not lose the hand, and powers out of the vinyl cupboard at night with friends. but anyway great to enchaine a piece quickly without manual calibration.

that on February 1 emme dj can take hand in connecting to the USB free, therefore it will push the button to take the Master Hand on Deck plugged into usb

the -:
heuuuuu .... I love it operates timecode ... hybrid type. or with a key named for mp3 usb but it's not a criticism just an idea for the V8
What is your opinion about the value for the price?
I share the art of Tehcnics M5G cons, so ....

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
Besides, I love emme March 1 to replace mk2 which sits alongside ... Itch but is not compatible, when a use with virtual dj Pro waiting for it I can a lack of ram.

ps use Makina

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