Pioneer DDJ-T1
Pioneer DDJ-T1
Padawan06 04/10/2013

Pioneer DDJ-T1 : Padawan06's user review

«  Pioneer always effective »

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Bought it a little less than a year,
former follower of vinyl on turntables Technics MKII (90-2000 years)
Very good "all in one" who has remained in my last nickel delivery 8am
no loss of sound quality, it is "Pioneer"!
It does not feel completely "lost" when the material then passes on "Pro" (CDJ800/1000/2000)

Good workaround if one has not the huge budget to equip the entire range directly CDJ2000 Nexus :)

The +:
- 4 "boards" (unlike the DDJ-S1 has only 2)
- Good reactivity
- Very good sound card

The -:
- Research pieces
- No USB slot to put the key made at the last minute ;-)

The "needle search" that my taste might be an option for use with effects like the CDJ2000
Incompatibility with RecordBox (no "controllers" is not elsewhere and it is a shame)