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MGR/Dillon 10/19/2010

Vestax Typhoon : MGR/Dillon's user review

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I don't really have much of a musical background. Just getting started really. I've have a great music collection and recently I have been getting into DJing, I would love to make some well produced mixtapes for my friends, and just have fun coming up with some cool mix tracks.

I bought the Typhoon from ProAudioStar after watching a demo video of their%27s. I used their easy live chat and got $25 bucks off a brand new unit. It arrived in 3 days! holy cow!

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It%27s truly plug and play. It comes bundled with Traktor and the controller is mapped to the software pretty perfectly. I didn%27t want something where I would have to configure the MIDI mappings myself, so this was super easy. In a few short minutes I was able to start mixing tracks together. I still have to get better at using some of the features, but I would say its great so far.

Wish it had other outputs, like XLR, but the RCA is fine for me. The spinning platters aren%27t as sturdy as the one%27s on my friend VCI300.

Its not built of steel but for the price i%27m impressed by the construction, seems more sturdy then some Numark units.

Great beginner DJ unit, and you cant beat the price.

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