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JimboSpins 03/25/2013

Vestax Typhoon : JimboSpins's user review

« Worked but problems with computer »

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The Vestax Typhoon is a DJ controller that has a built in soundcard. It has somewhat of a different style of look with all of the knobs and sliders being red. Most people feel like that wouldn’t bet that big of an issue but to me it just didn’t look great. But the look didn’t affect the performance at all; this controller has all of the needed functions to run a set easily.
Setting this controller up with any software was not difficult at all, though manual does not really cover setting it up in other software applications. It does come with Virtual DJ “limited edition” software. This software will work with audio and video mixing. I have used it in Serato before without any issues or concerns.
There are 4 DJ effects on this unit and it would have been nice to have a few more. You can quickly access and add your filters with this unit by just pushing one button and then using your job wheel to change the parameters of your filter. Also, beat matching with this unit was very easy. Even if you are a “scratching” DJ you can easily scratch with this interface and it will be very clean.
I really enjoyed throwing in effects to the mixes with this interface; it was very quick and easy to do. The audio output to the headphone jack was very good and loud making it easy to monitor the next track before playing it. Everything with this unit was simple to operate and worked well. The only issue I ran into was using it on a Windows computer. Sometimes it would have an unexpected crash, and an unexpected crash is never good! So I was too afraid to try to use this live in too many sets. After having this unit and using it for about 6 weeks, I experienced about 5 crashes. That was 5 crashed too many for me! I am not sure if it was a Windows compatibility problem or if it was a software issue with Virtual DJ.