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Vestax MIDI Control Surfaces for DJs user reviews

  • Vestax Typhoon

    Vestax Typhoon - "Worked but problems with computer"


    The Vestax Typhoon is a DJ controller that has a built in soundcard. It has somewhat of a different style of look with all of the knobs and sliders being red. Most people feel like that wouldn’t bet that big of an issue but to me it just didn’t look …

  • Vestax VCI-300MKII

    Vestax VCI-300MKII - "Great price and stable"


    The Vestax VCI-300 MKII is a controller that comes with ITCH from Serato. I really liked the feel of this controller and it felt like a really high end controller. It was not cheaply made and all of the buttons and knobs/sliders feel like some of the…

  • Vestax VCI-380

    Vestax VCI-380 - "Windows 7"


    The Vestax VCI is a 2 Channel DJ control that also has a digital mixer on it. This control has everything needed to be a gigging DJ for any style of venue. If you are a “true scratching” DJ than this console will fit you perfectly. It has two turnta…

  • Vestax VCI-400

    Vestax VCI-400 - BeyondR's review


    The Vestax VCI-400 is a great piece of software for every DJ out there. What I like most about it is the innovative feature to bundled DJ software to any DJ which is extremely helpful in your mixing work. This piece of software is an a completely di…

  • Vestax Spin

    Vestax Spin - "Vestax Spin"


    The Vestax Spin is a decent entry level controller with a built in sound card/audio interface designed for amateur or mobile DJ's. The inclueded Djay software is very simple to use and is ideal for teh budding amateur or a small mobile GIG. The pro…

  • Vestax Typhoon

    Vestax Typhoon - "Vestax Typhoon"


    I don't really have much of a musical background. Just getting started really. I've have a great music collection and recently I have been getting into DJing, I would love to make some well produced mixtapes for my friends, and just have fun coming u…

  • Vestax VCI-300

    Vestax VCI-300 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by /translated from Audiofanzine FR) One month of intensive use. After hesitating a lot, I chose this control surface to mix my hip hop/electro/d&b MP3 files without having to carry around two turntables and my vinyl records. Pr…

Translated user reviews
  • Vestax VCI-400DJ

    Vestax VCI-400DJ - " a good controller that reacts very well"


    hello all How long have you use it? I use the controller for 1 year I would not have been disappointed at all Have you tried many other models before buying it? before I try another model Vestax (VCI-300 with vfx-1 and VCI-100), platinum …

  • Vestax VCI-380

    Vestax VCI-380 - " Top Notch!"


    I use Vestax controllers for some years (initially VCI 100 Ean Golden DJTT edition) I use it depusi its release. I bought one for my NI Kontrol S4 was left in service, Traktor was convinced that becoming a gas plant, and seduced by the simple ap…

  • Vestax VCI-100MKII

    Vestax VCI-100MKII - " Excellent product"


    How long have you use it? I use it for 1 year. Have you tried many other models before buying it? Not at all. This is by searching the Internet I found this controller. I was looking for a controller that is strong, with a good price / quality…