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Audiophony DJ players user reviews

  • Audiophony CD-2220

    Audiophony CD-2220 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by xav69/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I bought this CD 2220 from a night club that closed down. So I didn't expect a lot regarding its condition and durability. After three years the device still works very good! …

Translated user reviews
  • Audiophony MPu320

    Audiophony MPu320 - " A quality / price unbeatable!"


    I use it only for 3 months and so far I'm delighted! I bought it to replace a platinum IBIZA DJ Global (a big stew especially not to buy!) And indeed the difference is total. I went from one extreme to the other! So obviously it is not in the h…

  • Audiophony CDX6

    Audiophony CDX6 - " the false bargain CDX6"


    I used last year. First CD player, I was platinum classic. It is true that on paper, they are promising but the reality is quite different. The loops are very, but very far from perfect, the sample unusable, the pitch is not reliable. effects are c…

  • Audiophony CDX6

    Audiophony CDX6 - " Good turntable"


    The deck is a very good value for money. The effects of manual adjustment loop, and the scratch is much appreciated. …

  • Audiophony TT-2930

    Audiophony TT-2930 - " Good beginner platinum"


    7-Correct Platinum a little light to heavy use. Nevertheless, it is still well over time, but I'm still quite picky with my equipment. The person who sold me the pair failed to say they were served without care for years, judging by the entries del…

  • Audiophony CDX6

    Audiophony CDX6 - " Opinion mixed"


    I use these boards for almost a year I used acquéris these plates they were served very little It is not comparable certe cdj 2000 has nexus ^ ^ (I posséderé a pair in 2013/2014) The effects are very "boring" has long loops self is the real ***…

  • Audiophony CD-2230

    Audiophony CD-2230 - " Product thoughtful and accessible to all"


    How long have you been using? 5 years, it is to say that I saw its possibilities and I've been around. What is so special that you like most and least? Goodies: already the price, the quality of components (this is just too strong), ease of…

  • Audiophony CD-5530

    Audiophony CD-5530 - " Very good turntables"


    How long have you been using? I must be 7 or 8 years (purchased new around 550 €)! Use mobile disco. What is so special that you like most and least? Quality, and they are relatively complete in terms of effects, just missing the scratch fun…

  • Audiophony TT 2210

    Audiophony TT 2210 - " mix and scratch with AudioPhony TT 2210"


    It does not surprise me that this deck does not scratch ... it is a entraiment belt and not a direct drive. She did the Technics 1200 1210 MK2 or the mouth. The arm is not adjustable in height, the mechanism is fake, it is a plastic molding! I do not…

  • Audiophony CDX6

    Audiophony CDX6 - " Exelent product!"


    How long have you been using? - That almost 1 year. What is so special that you like most and least? - Sinkers very comprehensive and competitive compared to some brands! Easy grip. Nothing to report as negative about this product. very good q…