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All user reviews for the Serato Scratch Live

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stompboxjon's review"upgraded"

Serato Scratch Live
The Rane Serato Scratch Live is no longer being made, its actually been replace with its upgraded version the Rane SL 2. But for those of us who have used or have the SL 1 we know they they still provide support for it even though its no longer being manufactured. It actually still gets updated pretty frequently if you are subscribed to the mailing list.


Serato scratch Live is really easy to understand just start it up and get going. Getting started was a breeze and I think I may have only had 1 crash or freeze up with it and that was because I was using it on a very old dell laptop that just couldn’t handle it. But when I use it on my other laptop it works great, it worked great on my dell laptop great just that one time wasn’t so good.


The manual to this device is one of the easiest manuals ever, I only opened it just to look around at the features when I first got it and the manual really seemed to be watered down. But its not watered down its just that easy to understand.


Overall, it’s a great program , and even though its no longer being made you can get the upgraded version which has more features its called the Rane SL2. You will love these product and it will keep your creative juices flowing. So load up those mp3’s that you love and listen to each day and start scratching and mixing them up. This program can do it all, the Ran Serato is a must buy item to have in your arsenal especially if you are just getting started you wont find an easier program to get cracking with. I highly recommend this or at least the upgraded version since this one is no longer being made.
Audiofanzine FR12/01/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Serato Scratch Live
(Originally written by fab_in_da_house/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I use the Serato for house mixing with a Technics mk2 turntable and a Rodec mixer

You can mix with CDs or vinyl and the files on your computer

So you'll save a lot of money on CDs and vinyls.


Quick software installation


I bought it new on ebay.

There are more and more DJs using this program in night clubs and there's a good reason for that.


I give it 9/10 because perfection doesn't exist, and because the price is a bit too high.
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Serato Scratch Live
The features are great-I love them.Especially being able to instantly make a double of the file being played.Just click and drag to the opposite virtual turntable and you have doubles. Another feature that I think is very dope-but I haven't used yet-is being able to hook up a microphone to the interface,record your vocals into SSL, save them and then instantly be able to scratch and cut them....ALL ON THE FLY!!! The only thing I wish Rane would have added is a feature to allow you to record and convert to mp3 your vinyl collection all in SSL. Stanton Final Scratch has this feature I believe. That's why I give a 9 in the features department.



Basically plug and play. Of course you have to install the software and allow your computer to detect the new hardware-the interface-but after that it's instant plug and play every time. Very simple.The instructions in the user's manual are very clear and easy to understand and they provide you with schematics to show you how to connect everything. I also recommend running this software with nothing less than a P4 or Powerbook. I currently use a Toshiba Satellite A65 notebook with a Pentium 4 processor and an 80 gig hard drive.


Basically the only part that is liable to be damaged is the interface. But no problems with that. And I play out just about every weekend at different clubs,parties and a radio station. So it gets moved around alot. Plus I use it in my studio alot. I have had just ONE incident where the software froze up on me. But I think it was my processor freaking out over the buffering rate I was using.I simply closed SSL and then opened it back up. No more problems.

The sound quality depends on how good the sound from your mp3 files are. If you have bad files then you will have bad sound quality. Making sure you have quality sounding mp3 files is key to the overall sonic quality.Other than the occasional bad mp3 file the sound quality is GREAT!


I LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!! One of my best purchases ever. Because of SSL I can keep up with new music so much better and faster.I can play and promote local artists who would have never been able to press their music to vinyl and I can scratch and blend my own tracks. But most importantly it cuts down on the amount of vinyl I have to lug around with me and it still allows me to use my turntables in the digital realm.

Originally posted on
Posted by: dj rreal ( 4-, 2006)

dj-miss-stella's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good mixing software for mac and PC"

Serato Scratch Live
the easy grip when you plug the SL2 interface for turntables and timecoded vynil records for the grip is excellent, compatibilitywith bridge to insert sets of Ableton lives, because I long dreamed of having the grip is excellent

I use it with a microphone and two Technics SL1210 MK2 turntables a control surface for Ableton Akai APC 40 is a

weekly use every Sunday morning in the repository store my father every Sunday morning

MAC OSX Mawericks on Mac book pro 15 inch screen to


without problems on Mac
PC complicated because you have to put the driver for Windows seven recognizes the audio interface Serato Scratch Live on a PC

imcompabilité on any Windows PC and Mac

not practical because the user guide is in English


Mac OSX Mawvericks on Mac book pro 15 inch screen

works better on mac and PC

stable Mac and PC


two years

virtual DJ Free Edition

the only feature I like the most because it is easily recognized Ableton

excellent as it may be useful to replace several LPs for two timecoded vinyls he can do the comparison, it costs € 400 to purchase

caflaroulette's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" just what is the best in this matter!!!"

Serato Scratch Live
when I chose to the era it was to no longer having to lug around 200 kilo CD on my way home at 6am t capita 4th floor: you understand?
At the time I had a table and cdj 800 behringer with SL1.
config info: a I5 with 4GB of ram and 500gb hd.


finger in the nose. otherwise there is the french forum serato lol
12 while walking in 2second frankly not easy to put in work even for a computer anti like me (even when I brought the mix cd in case the computer crashed or pdt year: never needed)


Today I spent a video sl: asus I7 16GB in DDR5 Dual Card graphik nvidia and 750GB in 7200trs: result is a rocket


I use sratch live for 5 years and I went logically sl1 has ttm 57 and I have no regrets.
The +: customizable crates at will
sav for update
the side I plug in any rane install (sl1 TTM57 2,3,4, 62,68) and ca live in the same work set
all the rest has already been said
the - the price that hurts but is very quickly pays once your tame the beast
I had m44 with traktor, the special mix vibes but 2 is a default mageur: too heavy and attended. on scratch live is that you hold your sound, not the computer, and that's what makes all the difference between Serato and the rest of the world!!!!

S6k's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Terrible!"

Serato Scratch Live
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
Great reputation!

For what purpose?
Mixing and scratching sounds from the computer cutout

What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard, ...)?
Samsung laptop 2.5 ghz, 4gb ram, 500gb hard drive windows 7 64bit

Which instruments and systems (console, preamp, DTD ...) you use it and how connections?

M3d technics turntables and mixer Numark DXM05, audio is the bullshit, CAR everything.


The installation is done it without problems?
No single great problem!

Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

The general configuration is easy?

The manual is clear and sufficient?
Not read


What is the configuration of your computer? (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk / sound card ..)
Already mentioned above

The software works he correctly on this configuration?
Yes no problem

What performance? (If quantifiable)
Aside from that time do not have the hardware detects no reason, no problem, I put 8/10

This software + hardware is stable?


How long have you use it?
5 months now

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The perfect ultra ergonomic interface, no latency, easy mapping (in conflict with two MIDI pad but nothing too bad), and + that I really like: file scanning and smart crates!

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
DVS cross pack, nothing compared to Serato!

How would you rate the quality / price?
For the nine it is expensive but its worth the trip! Finally take a much Rane table with built for the wealthy Serato!

With experience, you do again this choice?
No problem!
DJ Chinois08/29/2011

DJ Chinois's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Trs trs Pro and stable!"

Serato Scratch Live
What motivated me to choose Scratch Live is its legendary stability and ease of use (no complicated rglages or other).
Warning against the case by SL1 is compltement Exceeds level sound quality, it should opt for SL2, 3 or 4!

I use Scratch Live gnralement with CDJ (the top is to have 900 or 2000 to play MIDI / HID without CD CONTRL), with the use of good old MK2 is also excellent.

I play in club / bar o the need for stability copy!


Installation in 5 minutes chrono (time updates downloads the latest version included)!
The manual is available in French on the Internet in PDF and can rsoudre meeting by a majority of problem (it is still necessary that any)


I use SSL on a MacBook Pro 13 "i5 8GB RAM 750GB of HDD, it works without hooked, 0 problem signal.
I prcdemment a MacBook 2.16 GHz White 2007 which was running like clockwork, the app is trs low resource utilization (using the same effects and recording his set in m me time!)


I use SSL since 2007 (first with a box with an SL1 and SL3).
I have not used for other models but apparently there are a lot of instability in MixVibes, Virtual DJ ... Traktor seems to be at (or better level effects), but more complicated to implement.

The simplicitbr /> The stabilitbr /> Managing playlists
Performance just
The management of HID
The sound quality (except with a trs SL1 is correct, but below the other)
The compatibility with Ableton Live (even if it is not yet fully developed)

The -:
The effects worse than Traktor
The Key Lock below the Master Tempo Pioneer example

On the report quality price, the purchase of hardware Rane is a bit more expensive than the competition but the software and all updates are free, an SL1 bought in 2004 still holds the road so from the I think the soft evolves quickly and well enough for him professionally profitable evening. APRS is to mix if the house is on it's a bit expensive!

Exprience I would do with this choice, although be Submitted in Traktor (but major updates are not free, sound cards trs latest generation not reliable and the setting in works from the software more complicated).

dj-miss-pimkie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Serato Scratch Live
I never used Serato Scratch Live, I dream of mixing all CAPTS Mp3 on Digitally Imported and a click, you have 600 dbourser to buy


The tutorial is available in Frenchman to connect the two turntables, otherwise the installation instructions it is written in English, which I have little difficulty translating to franais, usually on the PC, not to plant as virutal DJ


It runs on a PC Core Duo and it is convenient when you have a laptop, the presentation of this software is quite fluid without being jerky performance alone is to use and contrler MP3 with vinyl and make hip-hop techniques on techno music, level config is gnial and pleasant handle without much technical know difficulties


This is the first time once the purchase effectubr />

face this crap Virtual DJ who plants all the time on my PC, but about Scratch Live is good quality Seriously I think that when the vinyl will not exist in a few years come, he metteront buy Serato Scratch Live, and finally it is in the same spirit as Final Scratch

djmyone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Serato Scratch Live
Bah I think aadj t Describes and signs but I still say that this is the MUST in the Contents! Forget Mixvibes, the Final Scratch, Virtual DJ (lol) ...


You open the bote, your branch RCA, USB and you're off your children, there is nothing simpler.
on the other hand, make no mistake in the PHONO-LINE, or you just hear one long and shrill biiiiiip. A share has no problem.


Me running Vista 32, I will confess that I have no problem of latency, I did not test on Mac but when I hear that Vista SSL bug, I just want to say NO!
I have the SSL version 2 and no particular worries adclarer, so good.

In terms of stability I think I'll get everyone to agree that there is again no problem the I dplace often with various accessories ( clubs, bars) and I've never had bad surprises.


I use it for over a year and what I like most is that you can not beat the market (for now), all connoisseurs will agree.

On price, it's true that it is not given but little comparison: the guy who wants a bike, he absolutely wants to be sr quality not to take the head with BCAN its future, failure etc ... he has a choice between a Harley Davidson and a 103 ... it will put more and take the Harley! (Not the guys I do not bike, for example c'tait ^ ^)

Bah is the same, you pay more but you can mix the eyes closed!

If sr c'tait again ......... Although I will make the same choice

But note, I put 9 because nothing is perfect except me: p

yyougoz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Serato Scratch Live
Described and redescribed moult once!


Oula! me who does not like pc (because they are always right ^ ^) short simple never seen easier! you plug it installed and it's over no adjustments or other


I do not like a racing pc, but no problems on that side of it either.


J'viens OCCAZ to buy this week and nothing to say about all work correct!
HOnet there is no secret, it's really a product "pro", no brainer to install, adjust, you plug>> it works! is royal!

a year ago I had mixvibes U46DJ + sound card, after much disappointment, setting, decision-head ... after 2 months I still had a bug soucy, skip reading etc ...

jl'ai sold quickly and I got a little rétissant on this kind of config, but since it niquel serato!

Here you have the budget difficult thing I agree, go live there I think it's one or one meets almost no problem compared to others.
One has only to see his side argus, it still does not move (much like the history of the mk2!)