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Thomann Double Basses user reviews

  • Thomann Kontrabass 111

    Thomann Kontrabass 111 - " Cheap?"


    I use it for 4 years I buy for the price when she arrived the code mid kale at the note of soil, the soul was too ugly to make a joystick 200 euro short violin and more a nylon rope games because the original is really nase I invested in a good …

  • Thomann ROCKABILLY

    Thomann ROCKABILLY - arter's review


    Following the request for an opinion on this I wanted to slap bass rockabilly specify that Thomann is the same as the 111 I know not what. The only difference is color. I have a 111bla blah blah and I'm doing with rockab psycho. For this I mounted t…

  • Thomann Kontrabass 111

    Thomann Kontrabass 111 - guitch84's review


    Contra-plated against key rosewood nb: as my good luthier is better than rosewood mauvaus bne, regarding the key). I use it for quite six months, and frankly, for the price, do not DCON, a can do, really. Should not that Ouli cons of study, in a l…

  • Thomann Kontrabass 111

    Thomann Kontrabass 111 - decembre1's review


    I use it for a year, and it sounds perfectly, c ke ca on a bass is not a 3000 no problem but it sounds with a microphone and a good pre amp. This is above the bass of study, but it's more than enough to play with friends or on small scnes. report qua…