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Thomann user reviews

  • Thomann Bohemia Concert Ukulele

    Thomann Bohemia Concert Ukulele - "Said it was a Tenor Scale but was actually Concert" has images


    This is quite a pretty Ukulele. The wood inlay rosette around the oval sound hole is very well done, as the rosewood veneer on the asymmetric headstock, (that reminds me of the headstock of my Ibanez Talman). The fat deep cutaway body and the middle …

  • Thomann SP-5500

    Thomann SP-5500 - "OK, but has it's problems!"


    Fully weighted 88 key with graduated weights (quite nice to play, but see later comments), MIDI I/O, USB MIDI, Footswitch, Stereo audio out UTILIZATION Easy to use, very heavy (!), SOUNDS Sounds are quite nice for what it is, some great brass/sa…

  • Thomann SP-5500

    Thomann SP-5500 - "Very good piano"


    I won't go into the details of the features, which have been mentioned in previous reviews. It think it's pretty heavy (30+ lbs). And the sustain pedal is included. USE I bought it because I was looking for a piano with a good keyboard. I was…

  • Thomann SP-5500

    Thomann SP-5500 - olivertender's review


    88 keys with hammer-like action 559 sounds 200 styles 100 songs 2 chord dictionaries Audio ins and outs Midi in out USB port Sustain pedal Adjustable pedal USE Nice keyboard with hammer-like action keys Clear user manual It's very easy …

  • Thomann SP-5500

    Thomann SP-5500 - niconico103's review


    Hi Good piano, the keyboard is okay, the sounds are quite all right, the speakers sound good, the sequencer is okay, auto-accompaniment is okay. Very good as a living-room or home-studio piano, it rests to be seen how solid it is for a more intens…

Translated user reviews
  • Thomann DS16T

    Thomann DS16T - " Simple and effective"


    One of the cheapest of HF Thomann systems before I had a Samson Airline (purchased € 230) I broke in a year, it it has been 5 years since I have it and it still works like new. The only concern for me is that the Jack connector that plugs into the gu…

  • Thomann Adagio 121 ALD/S

    Thomann Adagio 121 ALD/S - " Price / quality ratio to MAX!"


    Yet I have made efforts ... I mean I looked in my area vendor piano propose me a good instrument at a good price and of course comes as the size and 200kg on average a piano do not stay in the trunk my Clio. My max budget .. 2500 euros. I was off…

  • Thomann Double Gigbag E-Guitar

    Thomann Double Gigbag E-Guitar - " Handy"


    I use this product for 3 years, to easily carry two guitars in concert (main and backup). Before that I had other covers, and a hard case, I always use otherwise as required. Size is sufficient for most solid-body electric guitars (tested with a S…

  • Thomann Pedalboard Taille M

    Thomann Pedalboard Taille M - " indestructible and convenient!"


    It is the espase useful size M version so 80 x 48 cm in other words we can put a lot of pedals. The description on the site thomann: It is built flight case therefore almost impossible t…

  • Thomann E-Guitar Case LP-Style PVC

    Thomann E-Guitar Case LP-Style PVC - " Impeccable"


    Frankly at this rate, this case represents what may be the very best in terms of quality / price ratio. The tweed is perfect and perfectly placed on the structure. The quality hinges suggest reliability over the long term. The locks of the same lev…