Thomann Melodica 705000
Thomann Melodica 705000

Melodica 705000, Melodica from Thomann.

THeAnGelZ 09/07/2005

Thomann Melodica 705000 : THeAnGelZ's user review


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- Hmm for 3 days in intensive
- Ah biensur the price! (25 € excl ...)
- Yes I tested the victory and Honing 32 (see after)
- Excellent (must see if it lasts)
- Difficult to say.

So, bought € 25 € 10 + postage € 35 am to EXACTLY the same as the victory sold € 75 except the sticker and color (see the picture of the comparative victory on the same site is the same color and exactly the same as mine, but the victory was seen in stores in black which is even more aesthetic qd good but I quibble). So good the sound is satisfactory, the lowest note has no mouth, on the other hand it is true that compared to the honing of a good ... It's very different, and finally the sound is much more beautiful Honing much warmer.
So frankly, for € 35 a melodica functional, fair, ace a beautiful cover (yes it is very beautiful). Ben there's no picture what ...
Only default: color (blue fisher price) its less than honing boin.