Martin & Co D-15

D-15, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the 15 series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Martin & Co D-15

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 11 reviews )
 9 reviews82 %
 2 reviews18 %
MGR/Tim LaFave01/09/2003

MGR/Tim LaFave's review"Martin Martin D15"

Martin & Co D-15
I wanted to upgrade my acoustic guitar, and my test-playing search lead me consistently to the Martin D15. In music store after music store, I played all the available selections, as well as the Martin D15 if available, and time and again it gave me the sound I was looking for. After about three months of this, I knew it was the guitar I had to have. My price was in the $500.00 range, and the local music stores sell it for close to $700.00. I finally found it online, at for $579.00. Sweet! With free shipping and no sales tax, I couldn't be happier, and so I ordered it.

The Martin D15 delivered the perfect sound I wanted, plenty of low-end with volume and resonance. I needed an acoustic guitar that could punch through the street noise, as I moonlight as a street musician. The D15 delivers clear tone, and in-tune articulation like a cannon! The sound just flows out easily, sweetly; making it a real joy to play.

The Martin D15 is not "a looker", as guitars go. With it's plain mahogany, and no frills mat finish, it deceives the eye and understates its true ability. But in my comparison to other, more finished instruments, I became convinced that the D15 owes part of its superior sound to the low-finished mahogany tonewood. I have come to believe that the more finish a guitar has, the less it resonates. The Martin D15 resonates more powerfully than any other guitar I tested! Although it may not be attractive in looks, it humbly speaks of its folk and blues origins, evoking the nostalgia of its past!

The Martin D15 is constructed of the best quality tonewoods, with a solid mahogany top, bottom and sides. It has one serious drawback in that it lacks binding to protect the edges. My guitar had just a bit of a sharp grain edge, causing it to catch on a shirt sleeve and splinter off along the grain on the top edge, just where your arm lays across the front of the guitar. But Martin stood by its warranty, sending me to a luthier for free repairs.

Although I am disappointed at the apparent fragility of the Martin D15, I couldn't be happier with its sound and affordibilty. Bottom line: own one with pride, but baby it, son, baby it!

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redstring's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A guitar that stands out"

Martin & Co D-15
Given that our time requires relocation you still have to emphasize that the D-15 is completely "made in United States" thing in itself raises prices but should ensure consistent quality standards of the glorious brand. It is completely solid mahogany (or sapele?) With a rosewood fingerboard (20 frets). I find the aroma given off by wood is delicious. Unfortunately, there are no instructions supplied with the guitar for more information on the wood used.

The Martin D-15 guitar very easy without binding on the top and back with a satin finish. The rose is also very simple. The guitar gives the impression of being rather fragile and not be made to be carted to the right and left. That said, I think the D-15 has a charm to it it gives off a real beauty. I would note also that I never thought buying a guitar with a satin finish. Also, I never thought to buy a Martin ...

Yes, Dear audiophiles ... Yes ... The D-15 had arguments to convince me otherwise ... Read more below. 6 I give on this point: there is minimum but it is a minimum quality

=> EDIT (4 months after purchase) I confirm my opinion: the beauty of simplicity


Dreadnought is a well-typed with a nice handle though, as on all the Martin that I tried, the action of the strings is quite high. I find this choice of Martin correct because the guitarist can always lower the action to his wish. The vibrations of the body travel through the body of the guitar and it's a sensation I felt in very few guitars. It's impressive and very enjoyable.

=> EDIT (4 months after purchase) I confirm my opinion: a good guitar to use


The sound is "sound" I was looking for a game in flatpicking. And that's because the D-15 made me overcome the prejudices that I had in Martin and Satin finish. Difficult to describe, I will try a series of adjectives: strong, rich harmonics, extraordinary mediums and serious, with hints of "dark" (although it also depends on the strings). The D-15 is very reactive: it responds with a very good dynamic variations of the game It meets my expectations especially for the game with a mediator and less for the game fingerpicking as the high and low registers are a bit stifled by the media. I would say it is perfect for folk, folk-blues, bluegrass.

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Note 1:</span> This is a guitar whose sound is not compressed and therefore naturally "sound" it will be done as and when it tames the guitar in question.

<span style="text-decoration: underline;

">Note 2:</span> I tried two copies of D-15 and the sound was not quite the same (the strings? A bar unstuck?). Caution still available: I would avoid if possible an online purchase.

I give 10 because, after trying the guitars (even more expensive but did not have the same "punch"), I came across this guitar does well ... the lot!

It is a well typed folk, and see bluesgrass in this area "American" D-15 excels.

=> EDIT (4 months after purchase)
1) It is true that the rich media of Martin had never won too (I&#39;m more of a "Taylorist") but the harmonics and the high reactivity of the D-15 made me change my mind. That said, I find that the volume of the register of media do not emphasize the bass and treble frequencies when I play fingerpicking and I have to take a tab and then grow my nails or play hybrid-picking. In contrast with a mediator the D-15 is beautiful, a real treat.

2) I confirm the fact that many more expensive guitars and a violin much more attractive (also from the same brand) can not satisfy me like this guitar is.

3) The fact that it is completely made of mahogany (as some models of the year Martin 30) gives a type that could well disappoint fans of solid spruce. Try before you buy.


I would say that despite the very sober aspect, this guitar deserves a new one for three reasons: - Sound: a rare quality to find. - The overall aesthetic, which, despite the savings, is a success - The original hard case that is tough so I give you my impression was hot because I use it for a week and I reserve to change the notice to give you my impressions in a few months.

=> EDIT (4 months after purchase) during the last few months I discovered that the D-15 is played by two artists I like (coincidence?!?) If you look at the minimum requirements of the guitar the quality / price ratio for the nine is far from optimal. That said, if you are looking for a folk guitar to buy I would say it is surely the cost to try it: you can have nice surprises.