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Takamine Dreadnought Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Takamine F360

    Takamine F360 - "Takamine F360S Dreadnought: "Something to look for?"" has images


    This dreadnought already served me for quite a long time. Both in chordwork (strumming) as in soloing work. Before adding a lot of stars I have to say that I owe a genuine Martin D35 and besides that other quality guitars such as Gibson J200, Ov…

  • Takamine GS330S

    Takamine GS330S - goodbyebluesky's review


    The GS 330S is fairly plain and non-descript, with a satin finished cedar top, nato back and sides, no inlays, and a simple rosette, this guitar is no frills. Takamine put there money where it counted for a budget guitar like this. UTILIZATION The …

  • Takamine AN16

    Takamine AN16 - "Takamine AN16"


    I played acoustic guitar as a teenager, and about a year and a half ago, after more than 40 years, bought an inexpensive old acoustic and started taking lessons. I had been looking around all the local sources for something better, and kept coming b…

  • Takamine G330S

    Takamine G330S - "Takamine G330S"


    I purchased this on eBay for a little under $200. I really love the tone of this guitar coming at such a low price. It has the warmth of any other Takamine, yet at a price that falls slightly below its brothers. Tuners are great quality, and with …

  • Takamine AN16

    Takamine AN16 - "Takamine AN 16"


    I found this guitar in a music store in Martinsburg West Virginia. The store is K&B Music, and the guitar is the Takamine AN16 retail for the guitar is $1,559.00 The guitar is quite possibly one of the most beautiful i have ever seen. The back and s…

  • Takamine G330S

    Takamine G330S - "Takamine G-330S"


    at music shop in utah bought it to have something to play at college $300 I think it has great sound, built well, never really had any problems. Travels well in airplanes. a great buy for the price. the only thing I dont like is there is a s…

  • Takamine GS330S

    Takamine GS330S - "Takamine GS-330S"


    I bought this guitar at a Minnesotan chain called Schmitt music. They have excellent service and they had discounted guitars. I bouth this guitar, orignally around $600, for $300. The tone is amazing. I have not ever heard a guitar that has a to…

Translated user reviews
  • Takamine G320

    Takamine G320 - " crate refurbished"


    Made in Normandy using a base strapping dope. the handle is wooden broom Yugoslav very temperamental to weather changes. full of frets, but I have not the courage to count, let alone go through. the settings, the regleur korg ca so out of tu…

  • Takamine S 344 EST 1962

    Takamine S 344 EST 1962 - " faithful instrument"


    Model made in Japan in 1985 the handle is very comfortable D-shaped action is quite low. There is a piezo under the saddle of the bridge which is in 2 parts connected to a preamp, the battery is in the crate so difficult to access. The settings…

  • Takamine G340S

    Takamine G340S - " Excellent!"


    /! This guitar does not have a microphone. UTILIZATION The wood of this guitar is very nice. It is not as bright as most guitars and this is one of the reasons why I chose this guitar. The handle slides alone. on the other hand, so I can no…