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  • Remo Emperor X Coated Snare Drum Head

    Remo Emperor X Coated Snare Drum Head - moosers's review


    Sony’s MDR-7506 are a set of professional level recording studio headphones. Sony has a ton of different headphones to choose from on all levels, and the MDR series of headphones are probably their most popular. The MDR-7506’s in particular are a g…

  • Remo Emperor-X 14"

    Remo Emperor-X 14" - "Remo Emperor X"


    I discovered the Remo Emperor X back in 2003. They were gifted to me after winning a prize with my band. I was super impressed of how huge this head could make my snare sound. You can find this skin in market for a price around $20. Definitely money…

  • Remo Powerstroke 3 clear 22"

    Remo Powerstroke 3 clear 22" - "Remo Clear Powerstroke 3"


    This is another skin that I’ve used many times. I was lucky enough to get a package for free of them on 2003 and I still have one of them left. The Powerstroke 3 is a great head, probably one of the most known. I had this head on my kick on my band’s…

  • Remo Peau Pinstripe 22"

    Remo Peau Pinstripe 22" - "Remo Pinstripe"


    Oh, the Remo Clear Pinstripes, these skins were on the very beginning, when I first grabbed a pair of drumsticks. Consequently, they became a permanent part of my kit for the first 7 years of my drum career. Look for the value pack, around $40 for …

  • Remo emperor  22" coated

    Remo emperor 22" coated - "Remo Coated Emperor"


    – I’ve always been a clear tom drumhead kind of guy. It didn’t matter if I was in the studio or stage,. Back in 2003, I was gifted a package of Remo Coated Emperor skins, and as you can presume, they had remained untouched. Before hitting the road la…

  • Evans EQ4 batter clear 22"

    Evans EQ4 batter clear 22" - "Evans EQ4 Batter"


    I'm a drummer. I'm originally from Brazil. I play in a band called Glint. One of the big characteristics of my drum set sound, it's a violent low, deep, explosive sound. The Evans EQ4 Kick Drum Batter is part of my recipe to get a super defined atta…

  • Remo Peau Pinstripe 14"

    Remo Peau Pinstripe 14" - sanjuro's review


    Remo Pinstripes are very good drumheads overall.  I put these on my toms of my first kit and have played them ever since.  These heads have 2 ply thickness that controls any ringing or undesired resonance.  The resulting sound removes much of the hig…

  • Remo ambassador

    Remo ambassador - sanjuro's review


    Remo Ambassador drum heads are a real indistry standard.  These were the first head replacements I purchased to repace the stock heads that came with my first kit, and it was an amazing improvement.  To be honest, people tend to underappreciate the m…

  • Aquarian Super Kick II

    Aquarian Super Kick II - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by darwin666666/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I replaced all the Remo heads of my kit with Aquarian heads, including this one. I discovered this brand with this head! I read reviews talking about how it doesn't last t…

  • Remo Controlled sound coated 14"

    Remo Controlled sound coated 14" - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Dj_samy91/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I've been using this head for three years. Pros: round and powerful sound, no unwanted overtones. Cons: sound is a bit too present. I used to play with an Ambassador head …