Natural Studio NS kit 7 (commercial edition)
Natural Studio NS kit 7 (commercial edition)

NS kit 7 (commercial edition), Drum/Percussion Sample from Natural Studio.

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All user reviews for the Natural Studio NS kit 7 (commercial edition)

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RafKiBa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Natural Studio NS kit 7 (commercial edition)
These samples Wave 48kHz / 24bit features at a minimum, natural sound.
Halion and Kontakt presets are provided but you must aqurir the sampler itself and more.
No loops.


These are samples of a single battery, plays with DIFFERENT tunings, 3 snare drums and some cymbals. Jou all the sticks, brushes and all possible Manir diffrent (rim, roll, ghosts ...). The sounds are stunning in ism, track and process Manir trs strictly minimalist, very easy to use natural processes must be some ds you want in the mix arrangements a little nerv (large rock, mtal ...)

The goal here is not to have a stock of batteries virtual X but to have an extensive sample of Manir, style 50 samples (according to a DIFFERENT VLOC snare.
When I got 2 crash cymbals (15 "and 18") is a bit tight. I have not yet used the samples to jous brushes, etc ...

The optics of this bank is plutt jazz ("natural") but I use it in rock composed mtal no problem, you just deal with some sounds (compressor, etc.), as for real drums in fact, and not try to have a sound huuuuge. To me this battery is versatile and trs possde at the same time a real personal.


I Reue months ago, not yet done the trick!
What I like most is the natural sound, the dynamics.
What I ESG most is that my PC can not follow some rglages 'maximum' (but will rsolu by changing the PC!) And there is really little cymbals.
Before I used the sounds of my TD6 module, then I used some version of 'lite' NSKIT7free.
Report quality unbeatable price, prvoir a budget of between 180 NSKIT7 + Halion Player.
on the other hand I spent a lot of my time rgler Systm (edrum roland / PC) I do not know if that is easier to implement in the competition.

Glabotar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Natural Studio NS kit 7 (commercial edition)
A wide range of sounds (over 20 gigabytes) for a price (75 Euro), not restricted to the winners of lotto. Other providers may be inspired sounds.

- Particularly suitable for users Halion
- A sample multi-speed realistic
- Just a simple compressor to make her hot

We must encourage this Publisher


Sounds very realistic and very different to a conventional battery.


Proceeds received three days ago
Compared to other products, I is among the best
Value for money more than adequate
I do not regret this purchase