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DW Drums Drums & Percussion news

  • DW Performance Series

    DW Performance Series

    10/11/10 in DW Drums Performance

    Drum Workshop Inc. recently announced the addition of a mid-priced production drumset to its line of custom-built DW branded drums.

  • New DW Snares and Throw-Off System

    New DW Snares and Throw-Off System

    06/28/10 in DW Drums Top Edge

    DW announced new models to its Collector’s Series line, including models such as the hybrid metal alloy and wood Edge, the Super Solid with solid shell compression wood technology and the vent-adjustable Acoustic EQ.

  • DW Blackout Snare

    DW Blackout Snare

    06/02/10 in DW Drums Blackout

    Drum Workshop recently unveiled a new line of snare drums aimed at working drummers, students and weekend warriors everywhere.