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DW Drums Drums & Percussion user reviews

  • DW Drums CX

    DW Drums CX - "Indispensable"


    I've had it for eight months and have had 120 or 130 kits previously, but I would buy it again without hesitation. I couldn't get a 20" kick, which is a pity. I dream of a CX jazzette (8", 10", 12", 14", 18"). The drums resemble very much DW, the …

  • DW Drums 5000 TD3

    DW Drums 5000 TD3 - "The TD3 vs the AD3"


    The DW 5000 is a very well built and designed kick drum pedal that I have seen used many times. You can purchase the DW 5000 single bass drum pedal for around 190 to 220 dollars online or in your local stores. Of course this is the TD3 version of the…

  • DW Drums Performance

    DW Drums Performance - "Amazing sound and very affordable!"


    DW and affordable don’t usually fit in the same sentence. However, I am a fan of usage before labelling, and thus, I took home an “affordable DW snare.” It features a renewable wood source of north American grown maple shells like most of DW’s rece…

  • DW Drums 3000

    DW Drums 3000 - DubiousDubs's review


    I was reluctant to move from Tama to DW for my kick pedal, but I needed to as my iron cobra bit the dust about 2 years ago. What I liked about the unit is the fact that has a dual-chain drive, which is something that looks like overkill. but doe…

  • DW Drums Bass Drum Muffling Pillow

    DW Drums Bass Drum Muffling Pillow - DubiousDubs's review


    Open sounding drums for me is used best when playing in bigger open spaces. For me I play drums in a small room for the most part, however and so I need to muffle a bit. After years of making due with standard pilow material as a means to dampen un…

  • DW Drums 3drumsticks

    DW Drums 3drumsticks - "allergic reaction to clearcoat, but nice otherwise"


    You can take a man away from his drums, but take a man away from his sticks, and you will raise havoc. These are the words spoken from the mouth of my first drum teacher. I think I understand what he meant. These sticks are so different to any dru…

  • DW Drums Performance

    DW Drums Performance - "great kit"


    From the moment I pulled the DW Performance Series out of the boxes i loved them. They look amazing, and sound just as good. I'm a wood grain type of guy, so i love the transparent stain finish, and the hi gloss overcoat just adds to it. Comes with…

  • DW Drums Workshop Series Drums

    DW Drums Workshop Series Drums - ericthegreat's review


    The DW Workshop series Drums are great. Before making such an investment, I took Pearl (MMX & reference), TAMA (Starclassic Mapple), YAMAHA (Maple Custom) but none given me much pleasure and sensation of sound. Only DW detour me of the beautiful Germ…

  • DW Drums CX

    DW Drums CX - "Best Kit for the Money!!" has images


    The PDP Pacific by DW CX Drums Include: - All-maple shells - True-Pitch tuning - STM Pro tom mounts - F.A.S.T tom sizes - Wrap finishes - Matching bass drum hoops - Remo heads First off, I will say that I got a SMOKING deal on this set, however, I …

  • DW Drums 7000

    DW Drums 7000 - moosers's review


    The DW 7000 is a single bass drum pedal for use within the context of a full drum set. It's a light pedal and is really easy to kick down on it hard without applying an excess amount of pressure. I'm primarily not a drummer, but recently did a reco…