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mtebaldi 05/10/2010

DW Drums 5002 : mtebaldi's user review

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I'm a drummer. I'm originally from Brazil. I play for a band called Glint.

DW is definitely one of my favorite drum products manufactures. They always blow my mind. I purchased a DW 5002 kick drum pedal 4 years ago and I'm still in love with this beat machine. One of the big characteristics of every single DW product is that they are designed to fit every drummer's own style, you don't have to adapt to use them the products adapt to your playing. The DW 5002 is no exception. With a lot of customizable features, this pedal will fit your specific needs. Another cool thing about the 5000 series is that you can also find two other version of this same pedal, the 5000ADH which features a heelless pedal, and the 500ADS Solid Footboad pedal, accommodating even more your footwork techniques.

You will find this product in the market for a price around $380.

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The DW 5002 has a great feel. With a bunch of different tweaks it makes easy to match your footwork style. They are extremely durable. I have mine for 4 years now and it still works like a brand new. It come with a really nice hard case.

The DW 5002 come with double chain, base plate, delta ball-bearing hinge, adjustable toe clamp, 101 beater and universal joints with memory locks.

This is another great DW product. Customizable, making it easy to match your drumming style and its durability makes worth every single penny spent on it.

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