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LinPlug Drums/percussion user reviews

  • LinPlug RMV

    LinPlug RMV - "Confusing"


    LinPlug RMV is a VST plug in that took me more time than expected to understand. The interface was very overwhelming at first because of all of the options and knobs and it just seems like everything is right in front of you at the same time. After …

Translated user reviews
  • LinPlug RMV

    LinPlug RMV - Royal-tea's review


    Installing without worries. Do not put Lambik loop in the same directory as the other. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Real instrument defying the imagination. J 'had a jomox, and I got a 309. It is very good, but I must admit that what he can do is s…

  • LinPlug RM IV

    LinPlug RM IV - manstud's review


    No installation problems, no conflict (with the latest update 4.1.4), configuration extremely simple, the manual is almost useless as the plug is intuitive. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Mac Powerbook G4, 1GB Ram, sound card M-Audio FW1814. No proble…