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Tama Drum Sets user reviews

  • Tama Granstar

    Tama Granstar - staier's review


    Hello drummers! So I granstar since a decade What I like most: the well slamming solidity, for it's all good nags I have a custom cherry wood Granstar: beautiful colors, even the indoor fts of color is cherry wood! size: 12,13,16,22,14 x6.5 The…

  • Tama Rockstar DX

    Tama Rockstar DX - sebatt's review


    MODEL I use this for 12 years. Superb sound solid against ft too long, hard argler trs. I have a dozen MODELS assay before acqurir. Trs qualitprix good value. With the exprience I will take this MODEL. …

  • Tama Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune SO42FHS

    Tama Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune SO42FHS - dwman's review


    I use it now for 1 month The principle to grant the drumkit is really great pens and very practical, sound is really very hot and very powerful. Before buying it I had a first APK, a pearl forum, a PDP FX series, a DW. But I have several batterie…

  • Tama Swingstar SPOT

    Tama Swingstar SPOT - Studio-25's review


    Hi, This is a drumkit that I bought for use in pro and I'm really happy because for a kit with a price below € 1,000, it is really worth. Just a good game skins (EVANS G2) and cymbals Paiste and Sabian type to give it a pop-rock sound similar typ…

  • Tama StageStar

    Tama StageStar - cddchauve's review


    I've had two weeks and I think for the price it is a good drumkit. Ideal in any case for dbutants.Il must change to yellow pans (xymbales), the advantage is that there is no need to mute apart so they sound peu.L The advantage then is that after I bu…

  • Tama Swingstar

    Tama Swingstar - joey-jordison77's review


    - I use this drumkit for a little over 4 months -Special I love most: the report is exellent qualitprix pout a beginner like me Particularity-I like least: the cymbals and skins which fo it sounds bad to say you should set aside money for cot i…

  • Tama Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune SO42FHS

    Tama Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune SO42FHS - poukakak's review


    I possde this little snare drum for a month - MODEL 14 x 6.5 ... <br>Omnitune ... This is a cool concept even if it is minimal intrt claire.le principle for a case I leave you discovering the site TAMA will be faster. <br>the day I buy this DCID I've…

  • Tama StageStar

    Tama StageStar - le batteur fou tarés et plus encore's review


    Hi I used this drumkit for a year it's my lot. The sound n'tait not rich enough but is perfect for beginners. This drumkit silent Premire my drumkit I had and it is the only one I essayer.Le price is too leve for a drumkit of this range. And I'm not …

  • Tama Rockstar Custom

    Tama Rockstar Custom - vivamuseuh's review


    I li for a year and frankly we understand pkoi wow tama is renamed if I bought the chrome color (this can be watched in it) in a standart tomtom 10 and a floor tom 14 for a more common after an altenative change of peaus typing and opted for the remo…

  • Tama Superstar Custom EFX Fusion

    Tama Superstar Custom EFX Fusion - 68's review


    Very good drumkit development is a little jewel from the Tama plant, the quality: The snare sound was quite dull, not too in May which can play all styles, the bass drum is serious, a good sound as we did not expect it, the accessories pui, ca are ul…