Tama user reviews

  • Tama Speed Cobra HP910LSW

    Tama Speed Cobra HP910LSW - "Big Feet Board~!"


    Having cut my teeth on a short ludwig Speed King, my size 13 feet have never been efficient.. The extremely smooth surface and long board allow me to do sliding or heel toe doubles with ease. It is so fast and responsive it feels like an extension of…

  • Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS

    Tama Speed Cobra HP910LS - "Solid, high-value, quality drum pedal"


    I'm a professional drummer and I've been an avid user of Tama drums and hardware for over a decade already. I like Tama's drum products because of its great value, high sound and aesthetic quality, and its legendary durability. I've owned and pla…

  • Tama Rockstar Standard

    Tama Rockstar Standard - "5 piece tama rockstar kit"


    I was looking for a kit to offer customers using the practice studios I building for local musicians. The studio build $'s were adding up, but I wanted to offer a solid kit for my patrons. So, I was looking for something in my price range. I ended up…

  • Tama Imperialstar IM52KH6 Stage 22"

    Tama Imperialstar IM52KH6 Stage 22" - "Great to practice with"


    I had the black version of the Imperialstar but you can also purchase it in Red and Blue. I used it for about 3 months and the reason that I purchase this set was just to have a set of drums at home that I could practice with. The tone of these drums…

  • Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick Powerglide

    Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick Powerglide - "Smooth feel and quick action"


    I bought this unti to replace a cheaper tama bass pedal I had for years. The first thing I noticed was my feet felt much more capable with these pedals than before. I was able to get more out of my right foot on these than I was with another friend…

  • Tama Superstar Standard

    Tama Superstar Standard - moosers's review


    The Tama Superstar Standard is a five piece drum set, best suited for beginners and those just starting out with playing the drums. It’s definitely a good kit for a beginner, but will be okay for an intermediate player as well, as it’s really not to…

  • Tama BB146 Bill Bruford Signature Snare Drum

    Tama BB146 Bill Bruford Signature Snare Drum - "Signature who....oh "YES!""


    Well I was not informed of this drummer when I first saw this snare drum so I had to do some researching. Bill was one of the earl guys in the band Yes. Yes was a British band from the 60's and 70's that wrote hits like Roundabout and Owner of a Lone…

  • Tama Starphonic Maple PMM146

    Tama Starphonic Maple PMM146 - "Snappy snare"


    The snare drum probably is the most critical element to any drummers drum setup. The drum sets helps to set the tempo and really allow the rest of the band to follow along. Without a tight snappy snare drum the drums will fall off into obscurity in t…

  • Tama Rockstar Standard

    Tama Rockstar Standard - moosers's review


    Tama's Rockstar kit is a popular line of drums sets, usually consisting of five pieces - a kick drum, snare drum, floor tom, and two rack tom tom drums. I've recorded with a few of these kits over the years and find them to be pretty average kits in…

  • Tama CAMCO

    Tama CAMCO - moosers's review


    The Tama Camco is a kick drum pedal for use within the context of a full drum kit. I don't know if this comes standard with any Tama drum sets or not, but we've got one at the studio where I work and don't have any matching kit with it. For this re…