Lefred83210 05/29/2014

Tama StageStar : Lefred83210's user review

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Hello everyone!

I use StageStar for over 10 years now, I bought the year of its release mainly troubleshooting for a night club or I was deprived of my drums (The freight train had lost me-if if it is possible) I only had my pedals and my cymbals do not leave me!

I play mainly Tama and say that I am a conservative! Intrusion with a finely crafted Yam and Gretsch but tama 4 next!

certe the hard to buy was pathetic, but it is normal for the price!
on the other hand, any drummer who respects himself can not say this is a bad instrument!

It is absolutely amazing in terms of sound, is made to say what you want, a good approach to tuning you transform into a beast race, both for jazz as Blues or Rock!
honestly I use different snares in the style, but in terms of barrels, perfect!
On a good round and fat without harmonics up to its very end filled with harmonics mastered sound, it sounds like you want!
Lately rhodo who took a hot shot, I tried the devil so I missed her in game terms as club on more substantial scenes!
What have I done??
I undressed and I initiated a process of reprocessing of wood.
Desizing, dyeing and varnishing, mechanical repair, deep cleaning.
Well I told you, small wonder it became a fighter!

It sounds terrible and nothing will make me let go!!

So you young drummers, drummers like me you old (more than 50 years and nearly 40 years behind my drums), do not foodies, I had played and heard drums typed brand "pro" at totally crazy price, well how many times my little StageStar next sent infinitely better and hotter!

Do not hesitate, if you find one, it's not a good plan, it's even better!