Hindy 02/02/2009

Tama HT741 : Hindy's user review


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- How long have you use it?

2 years and a few weeks.
- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

This stool is of good quality, soft and comfortable. The seat wide and very thick. The foot is stable, idyllic vision if it is ... my drummer colleague felt from behind and landed five feet below its platform. Barely recovered from his emotions and counted his equimoses he sought to understand the cause of a waterfall ... One of the attachment system bolts broke. Hazardous case !!! According to representatives of TAMA in FRANCE is an isolated case so it does not matter. It was not until it happens again or it happens to a star for the BIZ whether taken seriously. Meanwhile three parts are damaged and replacement will be charged. They are hard with the drummers drum hardware specialists!

Me, all I can do (for possibly saving lives) is sure to provide regularly check the condition of strength of the bolts in the stool or risk one day break your neck (or something else). If you are not sure about you ... buy another brand.
- With experience, you do again this choice ...?

I need to buy a stool and also the unfortunate experience of my friend and colleague cooled me. It is out of question for me to take this model and to buy that brand. I think I'm going to guide me on the top model home PEARL, a bit more expensive but it is the kind of accessory for which we can not afford to lose confidence.

I also think that those who work for and with TAMA should have a low profile and get in eight to fix things. Instead we are left to make do ... At TAMA it will make no gesture. Normal, the warranty is exceeded a few weeks ... there's even one (The Baguetterie) who told me that it was normal that this incident happened and if I do not want my equipment breaks it I should not serve me. A bad dream is believed to ... we'll wake up! Anyway ... A word ...