Tama Made in Japan (1979-1984)
Tama Made in Japan (1979-1984)

Made in Japan (1979-1984), Drum Set from Tama.

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Rhaabouding 06/28/2014

Tama Made in Japan (1979-1984) : Rhaabouding's user review

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Imperialstar model used sometimes with a snare Pearl Jupiter COB by Stewart Copeland (Police) on the first albums of the group appears to catalog 74 and disappears in 1980; easy to check the catalogs Tama time. is the high-end Tama early production, but drums mahogany philippines lack of charisma: it sounds small and any input current range is Chinese as well.

these models are quickly dethroned by the arrival in 1976 of Superstar: a model birch will be the first "noble" drumkit of the brand; its brightness will turn off in 1984 to be replaced by three models: granstar birch, birch Artstar1 / Artstar cordia and "spirit" birch / mahogany. copy the manufacture of these new models will strengthen Tama for long on the highest steps.

I have a seven Imperialstar drums for ten years and I play every week two drums 8 "and 10" without franchemant bad, the sound behind: lack of projection, high-mids.

as regards the Superstar is a niche; for over twenty years I have a beautiful range of several kits in all sizes, from the 1976 model reinforcements chamfer to the later models, drums "fast" or "Xtras": mahogany, cherry, natural maple, aquamarine or sunburst: where it starts to be playable: Lenny White, Elvin Jones and Billy Cobham were consultants for the development of the baby and you know immediately that it begins to cause serious: attack, precision, depth, tonal balance, we do not get bored.

I played more than a hundred beautiful models in all brands and Superstar is probably with the Pearl DLX / GLX the first real instrument "made in japan"

malus: small recurrent weakness bindings tom: the fluted rod quickly becomes smooth, even using the (small) rings memories, and toms fall under the law of gravity; the same on the first models shells spades bass drum deform permanently, and it is recommended not to tighten like crazy butterflies floor tom shells: after a recent time they are so sought eventually tear.

Tear shell = shell screwed.

strengths: sound, construction barrels, consistency in quality through production.

At the time the price was justified: high-end professional; Now this is catastrophic: they pick one or two hundred dollars; my last, a superb Cherry Xtras new condition: 180 €.

this is too much happiness this stuff here: do not deprive;