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DSK Music user reviews

  • DSK Music B3x [Freeware]

    DSK Music B3x [Freeware] - "Sounds are decent, but it works great"


    The DSK B3x is a freeware plug in that has 2 layers and 12 different waveforms. The effects aren't too much, it only has Delay and Flanger. DSK has come out with a ton of VST that have all been free and all of them have been pretty good and worth the…

  • DSK Music Darkness Theory [Freeware]

    DSK Music Darkness Theory [Freeware] - "DSK does it again.."


    DSK Darkness Theory comes with over 30 presets, and some of them are really good and some not so good. But you will have the options on hand to transform those presets into your own with just a few small tweaks here and there. Darkness Theory has 3 …

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