Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad
Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad

UAD-2 Quad, DSP Board from Universal Audio in the UAD-2 PCIe series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
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Blockos-K's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good product"

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad
-What characteristics have motivated your choice?
AU's reputation and technically support DSP plugins to ease the pc

currently mac pro, protools 9


everything is stable. it runs very well.
the only debatable point is latency, which is not negligible.
the updates are very regular. there is a good follow-up.


everything is simple.


3 years.
I know something about the TC PowerCore.
-> Do not replace the good hardware but is essential in my opinion.

The most:
- Plugins quality with a wide selection pannel
- Interface pleasing to the eye

the least:
- Latency
The reverb-are not exceptional

this product is to possess in their arsenal studio!
I would do immediately that choice

itchounet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" TOP"

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad
I already own a UAD-1 so I knew the system 'm sure, I have decided to proceed to the top, with the UAD-2 Solo, which is equivalent to twice the power of the UAD-1 , but happiness! I only had no more power, because I am using UAD plugs bigger than the sound of groups and 1 or 2 mastering plugs, it runs without problem on pc pci!
The value for money for the UAD-2 Solo is correct.


No crash for use with Nuendo 3. Regarding the power of the card, we will say that it can rotate 3 plugins greedy, very greedy or 2 plugins (Manley massive passive) time. This power is enough for me because I consider that too many plugs on a mix kills the mix. The UAD system is broken by the mark, there are often new plugs coming to the card, and we can say that the VAS of Universal Audio is on top.


I have wanted to spend my plugs from my old card on my UAD-1 UAD-2, transfer of license s' is actually quite quietly, thinking only has to update the app! No incompatibilities know! The configuration is childish ... Only drawback, it must pass through the net to make the transfer of license, I find it unfortunate that this can not be otherwise, because the studio's computer is not connected precisely to avoid virus problems.


J 'uses the UAD system for about 2 years. The UAD-2 is really great, and the plugs that have recently arrived to the card as well and justify the acquisition of the beast. With experience I will ever be widely that choice, I would even say that 'at the moment, even if the plugs are offered sometimes uneven, for a pro studio these cards are truly a revolution. I think I take a Quad next time, thank you UA!

killian13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Effects PRO home"

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad
I have a good PC with a Core 2 Quad trial, 4 GB of RAM running XP Pro 64 and despite all j arrives at the limits of processor because many synths and effects plug-in very greedy. I needed more of high quality treatment and give some color to my sound, something a little warmer to deal with the lack of analog ...

S my choice is focused on the UAD 2 Duo Flexi, after acquiring a DSU 1st the year before (this one being very limited resource, I have needed more quickly). Duo for 5 times more powerful that a UAD1 and flexible for the right to purchase $ 500 when you register the card on the site.

The UAD plug are known to possess some of the best vintage machine emulator renowned as Neve Teletronix, SSL, Pultec ... Color, strength and quality of these plugs are simply hallucinating.


The drivers are stable. Updates on the site are that every time they propose a new plug. I mainly use Ableton Live 8. J with my 2 cards to come work on a project of 25 tracks and I use the UAD plug on almost all tracks, including a small dixaine times more greedy.


The installation is no problem. No I have not encountered any avatar accounting accounting. The manual is only 2 pages and no English is that there s nothing but a sorcerer: Install the software, then the card on its motherboard, register the product on the site to buy permits for other plugs .. . and rolling!


So it's almost 2 years that I used the UAD plugs and it is clear that I can no longer m pass. Each compressor has its own identity and characteristics, each EQ brings something different. By contrast the best EQ and compressor map is not done too much for work in the precision SURGICAL.
But at the same time, most being of the machine emulator vintage, they are exact duplicates a lot of compressors without adjustment of release, attack ... EQ with 3 large buttons, no factor Q. The brand more clearly plays on the reputation and the exact reproduction of the hardware and the amount of adjustments thinkers.

The only downside is that jy is the fact that even when they have neither allowed only 5 plugs (not the top) at the time of purchase of the card (unless you take the Omni UAD2 EUR 4000 inculant 35 plugs). One might say that it is a bit expensive for 5 plugs. But the site makes each month on a promo or a range of brands, and given the price of those latter day saw much more expensive plug quality.

So what choice I will ever be without problem. I do not put 10 because no person is perfect and this is still a budjet. But if the material was given pro will know ca ...

2passages's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad
I decided to mount a good configuration for the "studio" i7 intel, windows xp pro, 2gig of ram, and with my presonus FIREPOD a uad neve 2 32. To have an interesting sound, warm and round as I love him. I record there on my keyboards, vocals, guitars and exceptional battery.
Opinions on the site encouraged me ...


The drivers are very stable in 3 months of use I expect a crash, but I think it's more of a problem with that, cubase uad.
I can do a bit of what I want. I managed only once to go to the capacity limit of the card, by exaggerating the plugins started. But in a "normal" use and given that my sound card limits the number of output, I have nothing to say. No latency, despite what I read here and there, me, it has not affected my resources. The sound is doubly improved on my setup, since I release the engine asio part of his treatment, the sound is more punchy vst, and the sound through the DSP is very good.


No setup hassles, the setting does not pose a problem. I just wanted qu'UAD spares us the presence of all modules available in the tree in windows leaving us to choose between those that have been acquired. Sometimes we wonder if we have this reference or not ...


I use it for 2 months on a musical project started last year. All I need to resume because the sound is completely transformed for the better. I tried the VST Flow ... is not the same. It's also good, but i there, I saw that there was a potential well different. Best. Admittedly, I have been pretty book on the use of compressors, equalizers and other gate and I know I made mistakes before. I was even more mistakes before would be more accurate ... But still, the sound is nothing more dynamic than passing an entire mix in the strip NEVE. So we must understand a little different elements, help resources online, a book ... or whatever else ... there is no "mixing for dummies", but there are theoretical references easily accessible. This is the negative element that I find ... must be documented. Presets allow things already, especially compressors, after it is refined. I am a little disappointed about one thing: the map showed to me the limits of my speakers and I must remember that. With a sound card offers more output channels, it should be a treat. If this were the case, I take good version 64 rather than 32, because I think we should indulge more in such cases. There. It's more positive for me and I advise the purchase. I would do this election if I had to. For now, I'm going back to my mixing ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad

for home-studio owners ... Of Sr if you are a millionaire, you can afford a real studio ...


Worry-free installation, everything is very well designed.


The sounds of these plugs are especially relevant and racs: Musical (hot if you prfrez ...) and very effective!


We test every effect for 14 days

We buy small small (taking advantage of rcurantes promos ...)

rroland's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad
I possde the UAD-1 for quite some time. The lug is of good quality but the power of the UAD-1 is limited, especially with certain plug-in. Neve 33609 compressor whole food resource of UAD-1 (gnial: you can use one plug in). The "2" is then developed.

I placla new card in a Quad Core PC Windows XP Pro


Trs simple to install. A little longer when I add the UAD-2 UAD-1 but when one starts on a new installation, it works well and fast.


With the UAD-2 Solo was 2.5 times the power of UAD-1. It is stable, does not crash. The number of plug-in will be dpendre of those used. Is available on the manufacturer's website opportunities.


For me the UAD plug-ins are among the best in the market. Waves could forget the sound and gives a rsultat "cratif" but unexpected, and rarely does what we want. With UAD found what you're looking, and I think it's great quality.