Universal Audio
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Universal Audio user reviews

  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo USB

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo USB - "A real gem!"


    I use this sound interface to complement (not to say replace) my old ESI ESP 1010e. I went up in terms of range and it’s a real investment but believe me – it was worth it. Latency is ridiculously low, especially in direct monitoring. Using the Uniso…

  • Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt - QUAD Core

    Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt - QUAD Core - "TOPISSIME"


    Tout est dans le titre. Je ne vais pas m'étendre sur le sujet, UAD est connu pour faire de la qualité! Autant le boitier que les plugins fournis par UAD, on ne peut pas être déçu. Les plugins fournis sont déjà excellent (Pultec, Teletronix L…

  • Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo

    Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo - "a really great interface"


    I bought this interface 3 months ago after I had the opportunity to try many different audio interface models in several stores (mainly in Europe). As the shope rarely had high-end monitors available, I compared all interfaces using mid-range, 2-w…

  • Universal Audio Apollo Quad

    Universal Audio Apollo Quad - "The All-Rounder!"


    This is an excellent piece of hardware that would surely bring new sounds to your production. On one hand you have the massively acclaimed UA plugins, based mostly on their hardware counterpart and bringing one of the best emulations on the market. O…

  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo - "To the Moon, All in or Bust!"


    While there's been plenty of lunar references in the many reviews for the new Apollo Twin series that are all over the web these days, the notion of "all in or bust" particularly applies to this review. I turned my entire home studio upside down on t…

  • Universal Audio LA-610

    Universal Audio LA-610 - "UA LA-610 | A Vintage Channel Strip with Modern Capablities"


    The Universal Audio LA-610 channel strip is a modern interpretation of two classic, vintage tube designs, the legendary Bill Putnam designed 610 console pre-amp and EQ and the now ubiquitous LA2-A Compressor/Limiter. "Modern" is the key word here: wh…

  • Universal Audio UAD2 Duo Custom

    Universal Audio UAD2 Duo Custom - "DUO and the QUAD are both great!"


    The Universal Audio UAD-2 DUO is a firewire DSP engine with 2 SHARC chips. I have the Quad Custom that cost more than just the standard DUOCore. You can purchase the Quad Core, Quad Custom, or Quad Ultimate which is a lot more than all of the other m…

  • Universal Audio 1176LN

    Universal Audio 1176LN - "Universal Audio has done it again!"


    The 1176LN is a limiting Class A amp with F.E.T. gain reduction and huge sound! This rack is punchy, clean and loud; it sounds great with some guitars and even bass. You can get some really good sounds using this unit and it will require no effort at…

  • Universal Audio Apollo Quad

    Universal Audio Apollo Quad - "Buy It Now!"


    The Apollo QUAD is made by Universal Audio and has a built in UAD 2 QAUD DSP that let me run UAD 2 powered plug ins easily. It comes with the UAD 2 analog plug in bundle (classics) which really added a lot of value to this unit because that plug in b…

  • Universal Audio 2-1176

    Universal Audio 2-1176 - "Vintage"


    The Universal Audio 2-1176 is a vintage amplifier with twin limiting in stereo or you can use it in dual mono. It is very expensive as it should be, not because it is vintage but because it is great. Or studio at the University has this amplifier in …