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  • Yet another step forward

    Yet another step forward - Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Review


    Three years ago Universal Audio introduced the Apollo Twin, a more friendly priced desktop version of their Apollo flagship audio interface.

  • Tweed Indeed

    Tweed Indeed - A review of the Universal Audio Fender ’55 Tweed Deluxe plug-in


    Universal Audio has released plug-ins for quite a few guitar amps in the last couple of years, but its new Fender ’55 Tweed Deluxe is its first foray into the Fender amp world, and it’s a doozy. The plug-in, which is officially endorsed by Fender, recreates a mid-‘50s-era Deluxe model 5E3, a vaunted amp that could deliver everything from warm clea…

  • JMP for Joy

    JMP for Joy - A review of the UAD Marshall JMP 2203 Plug-In


    Universal Audio has an ongoing partnership with the software whizzes at Softube to develop plug-ins for its UAD platform. This collaboration has resulted in many different plug-ins, including models of several Marshall guitar amps. The latest is the Marshall JMP 2203 Plug-In, which was released recently along with UAD 8.5 software. We took it for …

  • Spring Has Sprung

    Spring Has Sprung - A review of the UAD AKG BX 20 spring reverb plug-in


    When you think of spring reverb, the sound that probably comes to mind is the “boingy” one associated with guitar amps. For mixing sources like vocals, drums and pianos, you probably wouldn't consider a spring reverb. But the AKG BX 20, which was just released in Universal Audio’s UAD v8.3 software, might just change your mind.

  • Another Three from UAD

    Another Three from UAD - A review of the new plug-ins in Universal Audio UAD 8.1.1 software


    Universal Audio just released a new version of its software for Apollo and other UAD-2 devices. The release is highlighted by three new plug-ins, including spot-on emulations of the Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection, the Tube Tech CL-1B Compressor, and the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959.

  • A Cure for DI Acoustic Guitar

    A Cure for DI Acoustic Guitar - Review of the Universal Audio Sound Machine Wood Works plug-in


    When Universal Audio announced Sound Machine Wood Works at NAMM this year, I was intrigued by what was promised: A plug-in that can change a DI recorded acoustic so that it sounds like it was miked. Now that the plug-in has been released, does it live up to its billing...

  • Legendary Optical Compressor

    Legendary Optical Compressor - Classic Gear Spotlight: The Teletronix LA-2A


    A number of outboard compressors from the analog era are considered legends in the audio world, among them the Fairchild 670, UREI 1176, and the subject of this article, the Teletronix LA-2A. The LA-2A offers program-dependent compression based on optical circuitry, and has been ubiquitous in studio processing chains over the years, especially for…

  • Twin Sound

    Twin Sound - Universal Audio Apollo Twin Review


    "It would be ideal if UAD offered a less expensive Apollo with only two mic preamps," we wrote in our review of the first Apollo almost two years ago, and also, "Given the choice of transparent-sounding preamps, it would be no surprise to find vintage preamp emulations in the future. Just wait and see." The time has come now to welcome the Apollo …

  • A Look into the Vision

    A Look into the Vision - UAD API Vision Review


    Since its inception, the plug-in family for Universal Audio UAD cards has been devoted to the reproduction of analog units. And that's how UA has come to being associated with the biggest names in the audio industry: EMT, Neve, SSL, Lexicon, etc.

  • The Next Generation

    The Next Generation - Universal Audio LA-2A Classic Leveler vs Cakewalk CA-2A T-Type


    During the last Winter NAMM, Cakewalk introduced the CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier, a new compression plug-in based on the renowned Teletronix LA-2A. For their part, Universal Audio, who had previously modeled it in 2001, also introduced the LA-2A Classic Leveler Plug-in Collection (with three modellings of the beast) at the same event. Can you …