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Universal Audio Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • Universal Audio LA-610

    Universal Audio LA-610 - "UA LA-610 | A Vintage Channel Strip with Modern Capablities"


    The Universal Audio LA-610 channel strip is a modern interpretation of two classic, vintage tube designs, the legendary Bill Putnam designed 610 console pre-amp and EQ and the now ubiquitous LA2-A Compressor/Limiter. "Modern" is the key word here: wh…

  • Universal Audio 1176LN

    Universal Audio 1176LN - "Universal Audio has done it again!"


    The 1176LN is a limiting Class A amp with F.E.T. gain reduction and huge sound! This rack is punchy, clean and loud; it sounds great with some guitars and even bass. You can get some really good sounds using this unit and it will require no effort at…

  • Universal Audio 2-1176

    Universal Audio 2-1176 - "Vintage"


    The Universal Audio 2-1176 is a vintage amplifier with twin limiting in stereo or you can use it in dual mono. It is very expensive as it should be, not because it is vintage but because it is great. Or studio at the University has this amplifier in …

  • Universal Audio 6176

    Universal Audio 6176 - "LOVE IT" has images


    Line balanced and XLR inputs. Join switch. You can use separately or linked. I love this unit and I do mean love this unit. I was hesitant to buy it and it was the very last pre amp I will buy for this year. We buy so many pre amps over a given year…

  • Universal Audio 4-710D

    Universal Audio 4-710D - "Great Pre Amps" has images


    UA makes some really good stuff. Good layout and good set up and not difficult to use. Sounds like UA audio, great stuff but it has a specific sound and you have to have a taste and time to work with this unit when recording hot inputs. When using …

  • Universal Audio 4-710D

    Universal Audio 4-710D - "Push that Tube Gain"


    The Universal Audio 4-710d is well worth the money spent. I have never had a bad experience with it and know several people that also use it and have no complaints about it. With 8 high quality 24 bit channels and a tube gain that wont get distorted…

  • Universal Audio 8110

    Universal Audio 8110 - "Octo-pre-GOD!"


    This is an analog unit with the typical xlr and trs connections. Unlike the 4110, this unit sadly does not have the instrument input. UTILIZATION Utilization is super simple- pre and post gain and 3 voice selection on each of the 8 preamps. Typical…

  • Universal Audio 6176

    Universal Audio 6176 - "Modern Clarity with Old School Vibe"


    The 6176 is a composite two of universal audio’s finest pieces: the preamp of the 610 series coupled with the compression of the 1176. This is an analog unit with tube circuitry- not to be confused with the starved plate designs of inexpensive units,…

  • Universal Audio LA-610

    Universal Audio LA-610 - "nice channel strip, great quality"


    The Universal Audio LA-610 is one of the best channel strip processors on the market. But beware, its pricey so you will be paying for a great piece of equipment. Not really anything negative to say about this piece of software. I have used it severa…

  • Universal Audio LA-3A

    Universal Audio LA-3A - "A compressor that is simple and super warm sounding "


    As with all U-Audio plugs purchase on-line, down loan activation file, enable the plug-in record... UTILIZATION See below for an detailed explanation. SOUND QUALITY I have yet to fins any U-Audio plug I don't absolutely love. Love this especially…