Universal Audio SOLO/610
Universal Audio SOLO/610

SOLO/610, Tube Pre-amp from Universal Audio.

beigemusic 10/08/2014

Universal Audio SOLO/610 : beigemusic's user review

«  Universal Audio thank you! »

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Preamp has lamps with DI input
So simple, volume, gain, XLR input with 48V power supply for micro to the rear, a DI input on the front (jack), a low-cut


The manual is clear and useful to understand the overall functioning of the unit. Then you have to use, test, compare ...
It takes time to find the right formula between settings, the choice of microphone (Neumann TLM 103 and SM57 mainly in my case), the positioning of the microphone to the source ...


we have a large range of sound, according to the amount of gain or more precisely the balance between volume and gain + choice of micro and positioning. More transparent, open, the more colorful, hot, compressed by the lamp.
Use that I love plugging is particularly low in the DI with a little gain. I add a speaker simulation bass amp and then the result is very good


I use it for about 2 years, it has nothing to do with digital preamp sound cards, it adds a magic touch!
I would do this choice without hesitation