Universal Audio SOLO/610
Universal Audio SOLO/610

SOLO/610, Tube Pre-amp from Universal Audio.

riata2 02/27/2008

Universal Audio SOLO/610 : riata2's user review


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Two lamps are used: a 12AX7/ECC83 and another doc ... the internet claims that the second lamp
is a 6072 (thus 12AY7). my solo610 has a 12AT7/ECC81??
these are brand lamps JJ who have been provided.
I guess AU should have equipped its preamps with lamps differ depending on the series?
This may explain some misunderstanding on the net about the gain of the preamp.
Indeed, the 12AT7 has an amplification factor greater than the 12AY7. They are called "interchangeable"

electronic level is serious: condenssateurs WIMA, knobs tracks Cernet has a minimum of chemicals on the audio signal.
3 presents the transformer (power supply, input and output) seem entirely made top.
The metal case is sturdy.
the jack sockets are plastic ... but the connections are gold.

there is a link jack for use in DI on stage or making a studio lined with torque amp / mic.

we have the possibility to leave the preamp with a micro ... blah, I see what it was used but I can not recommend the
do you lose the interest to use a good preamp to do if a second board of poor quality (a
table that does not return a symmetrical insert preamps necessarily suspects, right?)

phase inverter.

highZ switch / LOWZ 500ohm/2Kohm mic for input and 47K / 2.2 M for the instrument input

selector of a mic / instrument

a low cut at 100Hz

I do not put 10 because I liked the metal jacks and none of the chemical signal (but replace one chemical capacity was not free ...)


Using super fun, the gain knob can really have fun with their lamps.
I enjoy changing the lights to find the "ultimate" for my decision. it's fun, it's my side


I'm a fan.
we come to have a neutral sound although it is not his strong point.
I do not know more about a sound that I like that one ... sorry I like booze


I use it for an album ... 12 tracks and rock testing subasophone, alto sax, trumpet, vocals, acoustic scrapes, scratches and various percussion power.

I like the format that allows use on stage.
I like the choice of four input impedances, I always had to have what I need.

I used a lot of range of all preamp.

make this preamp for an individual would stay more or less a 500 euro price.
I paid 219 euros for the manufacture, brand and the various margins of retailers.
if I compare with other preamps in this price range is an excellent ratio.