Universal Audio SOLO/610
Universal Audio SOLO/610

SOLO/610, Tube Pre-amp from Universal Audio.

mako 10/12/2006

Universal Audio SOLO/610 : mako's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Analog tube.
Mic preamp + DI.
Enter Jack (di) and XLR (mic).
XLR mic or line level (though seen for the stage).
Small portable box with a beautiful handle.

I would not put 10 because they could have put an output jack (for home recording).


Very simple

Gain, volume, two large buttons well beefy.
Switches for DI / MIC, Impedance HI / LO, 48vlts IN / OUT, low-cut filter ON / OFF and phase in / out.
Two switches on the back: one for the grounding of the mass, one for the output level (line or mic).

I have not even opened the manual!

I would not put 10 because I have not come to know the cutoff frequency of the filter ...


Excellent sound, light and very deep clean.
In short there is low even at high gain.
You can really work for a small gain its large and clear, and high gain for a compressed sound and aggressive.
The output level is enough to boost a low-level instrument, or a ribbon mic.
Little noise, in fact I have not heard ...
This model is less transparent than his brother Solo 110 (Class A) but enjoys the benefits of the lamp (light compression, enhanced harmonic ...).
In short its a légeremnet colorful, but not distorted.

I do not put as qques 10 dB over the gain would have to work even more distortion.
I like the disto me!


I've had 10 days and I used to microphones (static or tapes) or low (big sound guarantees!)
Light, simple, portable, strong and big sound.
Good qual / price because it is the high end (thank you UREI)
Go for it!

I also have a preamp CHANDLER Germanium (much more)
and VTB1 STUDIO PROJECT (cheap and very good value for money!)

I'll put 10