Universal Audio 4-710D

4-710D, Hybrid Pre-amp from Universal Audio.

chrislieck 09/25/2012

Universal Audio 4-710D : chrislieck's user review

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UA makes some really good stuff. Good layout and good set up and not difficult to use.
Sounds like UA audio, great stuff but it has a specific sound and you have to have a taste and time to work with this unit when recording hot inputs. When using these units you have to be aware they are a bit authentic sounding in that you have to pick what you are going to use them on. If you use them on drums they sound great and on guitars. Vocals can be a bit more tricky. You have to find a mic that sounds right with the singer that your recording. You will find that they are a bit sensitive and you would not get turn it on and just hit go. There are a bit more tricky in that they are more colored so as you get your input you need to pay attention to the sound and what you are getting. Don't use any plug ins to start with nothing on the playback input track and get a feel for the active input. As you turn up the input you will find that there are defined differences in what your inputs or instruments are. On vocals it is bet harsh at 4.5K so dip that at least 3 db and you should be good to go. Also the pre has a bit of a bump in the lower frequencies 50 to 80hz so use a high pass filter.


There is not much to the set up. Plug in turn up the input based upon the instrument your micing and get to work.


Very clear sound but they do have a colorizing effect on the mid range. I have noticed this a lot with female vocalists no matter what mic I use.


They are a bit pricy and there are other pre amps like the focusrite 8 channel preamp ISA that I like. If you like a little color on the sound then I would get this one. Not as transparent as some of the other preamps.

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