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Dunlop JD Jazztones user reviews

  • Dunlop JD Jazztones 207

    Dunlop JD Jazztones 207 - nickname009's review


    Before discovering the jazztone 208 this was my main go-to-pick for acoustic guitar. I was so sick of hearing guitar players using such thin picks on acoustic for strumming and picking etc and thick metal guitar player shredder picks never sounded ri…

  • Dunlop JD Jazztones 208

    Dunlop JD Jazztones 208 - nickname009's review


    the 208! Finally a pick that I feel comfortable playing acoustic with and getting the proper sound out of. With acoustics, the tone is completely dependent on which type of pick you use and I've always hated using thin picks like some strummers, it j…

  • Dunlop JD Jazztones 205

    Dunlop JD Jazztones 205 - " Warm."


    Sometimes I use it occasionally. Its small size fits me even though it is a little thick. Compared to the Jazz III, it loses precision and sharp, it makes up for a touchdown softer, warmer. …

  • Dunlop JD Jazztones 207

    Dunlop JD Jazztones 207 - m.balthazar's review


    Picks rigid. Its a beautiful jazz, soft and round on my guitar. Pleasant to the touch. Good quality / price ratio. It is one of my favorites. …