Dunlop JD Jazztones 207
Dunlop JD Jazztones 207

JD Jazztones 207, Guitar Pick/Plectrum from Dunlop in the JD Jazztones series.

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nickname009 01/30/2012

Dunlop JD Jazztones 207 : nickname009's user review


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Before discovering the jazztone 208 this was my main go-to-pick for acoustic guitar. I was so sick of hearing guitar players using such thin picks on acoustic for strumming and picking etc and thick metal guitar player shredder picks never sounded right either. And then I discovered these black beauties, the jazztone series picks. It doesn't say what thickness these are but they are definitely on the thicker side, they seem to be even thicker than 3mm. Anyway the tone I was looking for was something similar to how I would play an acoustic with my thumb when finger picking or light strumming but I wanted to be able to project that and only the jazztones so far have been able to properly project that thick woody tone that I love in a pick! Keeps me happy and keeps my martin played!

The one beef I had with the 207s and thus moved on to the 208s was the tip, the rounded tip sounds like a good idea and keeps the tone round and warm however, it just kept slipping between my fingers if i tried to strike with anything more than a slightly medium attack, there's no grip and after it strikes it just kind of gets everything off balance and the pick moves. I tried the 208 with the sharp tip I get a bit more presence and the pick is stationery.