Benjamin@work 06/08/2006

Electro-Voice RE20 : Benjamin@work's user review


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C is a versatile dynamic mic (kick, sax, voice ...)


I used the last six months to record any kind of source.
My main use is for the bass drum, this mic is very prcis. It has a very good response curve. Excellent reproduction of transients, very good dynamics. Precise C is without artifice. On a sax c is certainly that it leaves a most "paw", a "color", a signature that is found on both the production. I also used for the leslie, no problem.

J I try some other mics (especially the bass drum), there are a lot of good but that it offers so much of the other applications (for c sax is eyes closed and ...... ears open).
The price is accordingly (and c is not so expensive), it is in the pros may be possible. He won his place for a long time in the "standard".
With this micro there sre aquerri value ...