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All user reviews for the Neumann BCM 705

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moosers's review

Neumann BCM 705
The Neumann BCM 705 is a large diaphragm dynamic microphone that is designed for use in the recording studio.  It shouldn't be brought out for live shows even though it is a dynamic microphone because it is still quite fragile and expensive.  This is a fairly new microphone and I believe it is the first and only dynamic microphone that Neumann has ever made, so naturally I was intrigued about it from the start.  The microphone comes with the swivel mount that is shown in the picture...


I've only used the Neumann BCM 705 a handful of times as I do not own one but I feel I have a good amount of experience with it to have been impressed with it.  Being that it is the first and only dynamic microphone made by Neumann, I was eager to hear the tones that I could get for recording things that normally would require a dynamic microphone because of the pressure level that they are at.  Applications like this include electric guitar, kick drum, and anything else like this.  The Neumann BCM 705 will also work great for other applications that you would want a condenser as this is a very detailed microphone that will still pick up a lot of subtleties.  This is also a great microphone for recording vocals, especially rock male vocals as I find dynamic microphones like this one are often the best way to go, depending on the voice.  The Neumann BCM 705 isn't as expensive as a lot of the condenser microphones that Neumann has to offer, as is the nature with dynamic microphones.  This is overall probably one of the best sounding dynamic microphones out there and is definitely a microphone I would recommend trying out if you are looking for a great dynamic microphone.

fabamarie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" test in progress"

Neumann BCM 705
Dynamic microphone Neumann
the same capsule as the sehnnheiser MD 431, improves, especially with the shape of the BCM 104, the gate opened on the rear which quickly imprison low frequencies

very robust, good construction quality, against the provision by the clip microphone is rather made for articulated arm of the type found in radio. on a conventional microphone stand, the foot must be put right as I as to rotate the microphone you have to buy a small accessory 60 euros (Neumann thank you)

delivered in a box round thick cardboard box to fawn powder stuff, it'll more pro than the cardboard box end of KM184 (like toy with transparent plastic)