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Eastwood Guitars Classic user reviews

  • Eastwood Guitars Classic AC

    Eastwood Guitars Classic AC - "Fantastic Cleans and Gritty Rock"


    Features The Classic AC has a 24.75-inch scale length, and a chambered mahogany body with a flamed maple top (it comes in natural and green, whereas the model I’m reviewing is natural). The top is natural with white edge binding (and three black pi…

  • Eastwood Guitars Classic 12

    Eastwood Guitars Classic 12 - " very very good surprise for a ridiculous price"


    Semi-acoustic 12 string guitar built in Korea. Mine 2014 date ... I would have loved to fall on an old model Cygnus, but it does not grow on trees (those actively seeking a 12-string will agree) Adjust'o'matic type of bridge Channel thin enough…

  • Eastwood Guitars Classic 4 Bass

    Eastwood Guitars Classic 4 Bass - " lots of fun!"


    I got mine imported from Canada, but it was made of wood tailpiece Chine.chevalet Grestch kind. Handle very fine, long scale, the pickups are copies of the Grestch humbuckers with three adjustment knobs, two volume one tone. My bass is in shades of…

  • Eastwood Guitars Classic 12 LH

    Eastwood Guitars Classic 12 LH - aldejerph's review


    The guitar was made in Korea. The handle has a 24 frets and a binding. The key is in Rosewood There are two types of microphones "EW-Retro Humbuckers. They can be adjusted by two knobs volume and tone (a tone Knob microphones, it would have bee…

  • Eastwood Guitars Classic 4 Bass

    Eastwood Guitars Classic 4 Bass - valboon's review


    Low imported from the United States but made in China. 2 Humbucker pickups back connected in series. Keystone Bridge floating bridges brass inserted into the wood. 1 volume knob for each pickup, a button to the tone, a three-position switch: br…