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Aria Electric Cellos & Double Basses user reviews

  • Aria SWB Lite one

    Aria SWB Lite one - " To troubleshoot or to discover ..."


    I use it for seven years, but much more now since I have a real grandmother. More pervasive, but more sexy for those who love the shapes! I tried the Stagg EDB model, but now the price difference (the stagg is 450 €) refers. I tried a NS Design in…

  • Aria SWB Lite one

    Aria SWB Lite one - " not bad at all"


    IS NOT bassist, after one week I find swb very well, after a short stint at a luthier to correct Nut it looks solid, easy to carry, and my faith it sounds good, but preamp out very small compared to a normal low ..... I tried Kyll, NS, stagg, for…

  • Aria SWB Lite one

    Aria SWB Lite one - Anonyme's review


    Aria SWB Lite one is an electric bass made in Korea. His body is alder, the neck, is screwed Saddle and down and the bridge. The pitch is 105 cm (pretty standard size). The handle is marked on the ct to ease the accuracy. The bridge is adjustable in …

  • Aria SWB Lite one

    Aria SWB Lite one - GregKozo's review


    - How long have you use it? A few weeks now. - What is so special that you like most and least? Fewer neighborhood problems and clearly the ease of transport. - Have you tried many other models before buying it? Yes, Ns Steinbgerger, P…