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Aria user reviews

  • Aria 6 String Lap Steel

    Aria 6 String Lap Steel - "Aria Lap Steel seems to be a great Lap Steel for sound & sound adjusting ease." has images


    The amplifier I use "Roland Cube 20X. Play all gospel music. This instrument's workmanship along with its electronics and finish seem to be very superior. We have noticed that its Intonation is adequate. Its neck and touch and feel and shape all c…

  • Aria APH-1 Phaser

    Aria APH-1 Phaser - "Unfazed until now..." has images


    I bought this in the mid 80s when BOSS ruled the show and everybody copied their design and aesthetic. Price on sticker on box reads £33 and I remember the limited choice of budget pedals in the store on the excited Saturday morning I had some spare …

  • Aria MM20E

    Aria MM20E - "Aria MM20E" has images


    Equipped with piezo pickup with internal fixed gain amplifier, produced by Soho would say decent but nothing exciting. The guitar itself is well done, excellent keyboard and sound pretty good, but the bridge offset is quite poor and is a great deal …

  • Aria RS 850

    Aria RS 850 - drbob1's review


    Japanese built, neckthru guitar. Two single coil pickups with humbucking dummy coil, volume and 2 low pass filters with 3 position corner frequency switches. Alembic style tuneamatic/stoptail, 6 on a side, non-locking tuners, 24 frets. UTILIZATION …

  • Aria VP-40

    Aria VP-40 - " Very good violin"


    I bought my second hand Aria Pro II Viper VP-40 ("deep" purple) in 1994  for 2500 French Francs, the equivalent of € 380 with a hard case. It's a model made in Japan Number of Frets: 24 Type of bridge: Floyd Rose Neck type: C, the "shred …

  • Aria TD-1 Platinum Drive

    Aria TD-1 Platinum Drive - "Tube goodness"


    For someone navigating the effects world and looking for a great sounding distortion overdrive pedals it can get quite confusing. There's so many distortion and overdrive and fuzz pedals to choose from so how do you really choose the right one? Many …

  • Aria AD-35

    Aria AD-35 - "Near exact copy of a D28"


    This particular dreadnought made by the Aria company is an almost exact copy of the famed Martin D28. I have sung the praises of the real deal for many years, so when I stumbled across what looked like a genuine D28 aside from the name and country of…

  • Aria Nexter

    Aria Nexter - "Cool Little Guitar"


    The Nexter features: - Alder body - Maple neck - Rosewood fretboard - HSS configuration - Vintage-Style tremolo - Mini toggle for HB coil split UTILIZATION I'm a big fan of the older Japanese Arias. They are extremely cheap on the used market and…

  • Aria TA-40

    Aria TA-40 - "Solid, sounds good, easy to handle" has images


    Japanese-made, hollowbody without the neck-through body that was characteristic of all Aria Pro II guitars. Bolt-on neck, no vibrato. It's hard to consider one without messing everything up, IMHO. Two humbuckers, volume and tone knobs. 3-way toggle …

  • Aria 6 String Lap Steel

    Aria 6 String Lap Steel - moosers's review


    The Aria 6 String Lap Steel is a rare instrument, the model of which I've used was made in 1965. The studio that I worked at before the one I'm currently at had this, and I still use it every now and again as I still work with the producer that owne…