Aria AW-35
Aria AW-35

AW-35, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Aria in the AW series.

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penfett2 01/29/2014

Aria AW-35 : penfett2's user review

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neck 20 frets
adjustable by the rosette
mechanical oil bath


rather handle end very close to a good electroacoustic kind gretch or gibson es
do not try too acute it is not doing it for
string height is perfect (- 5mm end of the shaft and without it rubs!)
the balance is very good sitting, she moves well and never tries to make you look.


the advantage of this is that it is Bebette adaptable
equipped with steel strings (in 09) it sounds like a standing ovation
I personally riding in nylfolk and I can shamelessly classiquer
see bossa innovate without problem.
I'd rather have a second to have both on hand montes


I use bebete for 4 years. I'm left handed, so I also have gained the me without asking too many questions. I had the opportunity to jam with happy owners or OVATION TAKAMINE
ARIA and astonishes!
At this price it would be a shame to deprive