Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2006-2011]
Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2006-2011]

Highway One Precision Bass [2006-2011], 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Precision Bass series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 4 reviews )
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 2 reviews50 %
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theaudioandvideoguy's review"Jazz bass"

Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2006-2011]
The Fender Highway One is an excellent bass. It has the feel to it that every single bass player would love and I mean every bass player! It comes in a 3 color tone. I actually think that the one pictured in this review is just one of the color styles. There is a lighter colored one as well that a friend of mine has been using for quite some time now and I can only say that it looks great.


The Fender Highway One has 2 hot single coil pickups, and a vintage style 3 saddle strings with thru body Tele Bridge. All of the hardware on the Fender Highway One is a very nice and shiney/stylish chrome. I am a chrome lover so I could be a little more bias on this bass. It is very easy for you to get a nice sound with this and getting to the top notes/ frets are a breeze. An as I said before the guitar has a very even weight to it. Not too heavy, and not light enough that it feels cheap. It is just perfect!


The Fender Highway One was built on the classic Telecaster design. When you purchase this guitar new it will come with a great warranty from Fender that will cover almost anything. You will definitely need to have the warrenty because you never know what can happen. But overall, it sounds great!


You can get the Fender Highway One for about 730 dollars brand new, so I image that its cheaper used. But it should be bought knew, I wouldn’t want to get it used. The Highway one is mainly used for Jazz, but can be extended to several different genre’s of music and still sound and perform great. It will look good around your neck and in your hands. It will sound good coming through almost any half way decent amp.

musiconteur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2006-2011]
Precision type bass inspired 70's, U.S. manufacturing
Bridge: Leo Quan Badass ® II
Neck: Maple C-type, radius 241 mm
rosewood fingerboard
20 frets,
mechanical standards,
alder body,
Micro: 1 Standard Vintage Alnico Split Single-Coil Precision Bass
2 knobs: 1 volume and 1 tone
satin nitrocellulose lacquer
Colors: (300) 3-Color Sunburst


I feared a little polish, satin gloss accustomed to;
But I must say that the feel is nice. I'm used to the radius 241 mm, I actually a fretless bass Aria Pro II with the same radius.
My fingers do not need time to adjust when I switch from one to another.
Ergonomics? Is precision. There is nothing to add, we like it or not.


Fender is the sound For the type of music I play is very good.
Rock, country, stroll. I like the sound "Roger Waters" I'm so used.
I use it with a Fender Rumble 100 Combo.
I just need compression to improve the sound, and it should.
The tone control is quite effective and faithful to what the builder wrote:
"Rolls Off Highs Without Adding Bass


Before the purchase, I played on many models.
My first bass was a Fender Precision Bass Ryan imitation,
I also played on a Rickenbacker, a Fender Precision 70s (hence perhaps my choice.), Washburn, Ibanez and my students: Squier (whose little Bronco), Storm.
By choosing the Sunburn I wanted to reconnect with my past (nostalgia, when you hold us!)
It comes with a bag deluxe, handy when one must take the train, but for a tour, nothing beats good old hard case.
It is far from being a model at a discount. The finish is neat. Over time, we'll see if the varnish is not too late fragile. But when you're careful it can take as long as others.
I would do if this election? A few months ago I wrote that I would have preferred a standard type years 61's. But in practice, I have no regrets. It is a good model that has nothing to envy her sisters more expensive.

musiconteur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2006-2011]
# Made in USA
# Handle Type: Vissbr /> # Neck: Maple C radius 241 mm
# Rosewood Fingerboard
# Number of Frets: 20
# Number of Strings: 4
# Shape: Precision Bass
# Body: Alder
# Position: Right
# Bridge: Vintage
# Finish: Varnish satinbr /> # color: 3 tone sunburst
# Pickups: Vintage Single coil alnico
# Electronics: Passive
Contrle Tone # 1
# Contrle volume: 1
# Mcaniques: Standard
# Hardware: Chrombr /> #: Electric
pitch: 34 '


The fact that the varnish or satin gives a touch on the very pleasant round.
It is a bit heavy long on stage. But it is balance. The handle does not fall.
So, only the shoulder is a little tired at the end of service.


I am rather Rock 60-70 with Pink Floyd influence in regard to the sound of the bass, so it's really the sound that suits me. In my songs, it passes the test with success both in country style, Celtic and rock. As against it is not made for jazz.
Usually, I use it with a Fender combo.


Over the years I played on an imitation Ryan Fender precision,
a Fender Precision of the 70s, a Rickenbacker, a Washburn and Aria Pro II
I love the Fender sound.
I would have loved to have the budget for a Fender Vintage 62 Accuracy with a radius of 184 mm, but my portfolio has decided otherwise.
By choosing the model, I have a little nostalgia permit guide me which explains the choice on the sunburst. A shares, shame that it is book with a cover rather than a tui. But, hey ...

Finally it's not so bad, because I also have a fretless Aria Pro II with a radius of 241. I therefore more easily pass from one another.

On the day of this notice is a 2006 model ... We'll see if over time it gets better.

ewfspirit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2006-2011]
Fender Precision U.S. remake of 70's


The handle resembles somewhat of a Stingray, but is still very close to a Jazz bass. Access to acute, like Fender often not the most practical it must be said, but ... it needs to be done. The weight is resonance, at least I usually play on a Marcus Miller Jazz bass that weighs a ton so I have no opinion as objective at this level. The flat is located above the level of the painting, it has an aspect "smoked" very pretty but just as you sweat it too incroyble La Verne as it sounds!


To top it is the funk, and funk I play myself! I connect to my Mark Bass SD800 longer an octave, a filter, a autowah, bass synth and a compressor and it really hurts ... FUNKY to death! But even without that it's a funky bass of course.
Funk Is What Time It Is!


To kill if one does not paint ... not great quality but the rest is amazing especially with a value for money like that!!
I recommend to 1000%