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4-string bass guitars user reviews

  • Ibanez JTKB200

    Ibanez JTKB200 - "Won't let you down"


    This is a great Bass for any circumstances. It's solid and reliable, it looks retro enough if you need retro but standard enough for anything else. Inexpensive enough for a beginner but it wouldn't look out of place on a big stage. it has passive pic…

  • Peavey Zephyr

    Peavey Zephyr - "well made but a bit heavy"


    I got this second hand at very reasonable price so take that into account in the value for money rating. I got it mainly on the name, I used to play drums in a band years ago and the Bass player played a Peavey T40 which he really rated at the time a…

  • B.C. Rich NJ Beast Bass

    B.C. Rich NJ Beast Bass - "BC Rich NT Beast Bass"


    Excellent Low, especially for metalheads. Its price is good, because in Europe it is 700 EUR without box. Excellent and overwhelming sound.I recommend it!!! BC Rich siempre ha sido infravalorado, pero esto está mal. Son intrumentos extraordinarios y…

  • Sire Marcus Miller V7 4ST (Alder)

    Sire Marcus Miller V7 4ST (Alder) - "Exactly what I was looking for!"


    Hi, being a beginning bass player, please consider this review as mostly suited to beginners like me. After I bought a used Mexican Fender Jazz Bass, I spent quite a lot of time setting it up and finding the right settings for the way I like to pl…

  • Ibanez SR800LE

    Ibanez SR800LE - "A real rocket bass!" has images


    So far, i only have little hindsight on this beast of a bass but that’s far from being the first I’ve owned, far from that. By the way, I’ve even owned several Ibanez in the past: EDB605, SRX595, Musician, RB500. When talking about bass players, t…

  • Sandberg (Bass) Basic Ken Taylor 4

    Sandberg (Bass) Basic Ken Taylor 4 - "An excellent bass!"


    A German-made bass that can be custome-made to taste (see their website for more details) Features: 24 frets 2 humbucker pickups 1 balance control 1 push/pull volume control for active/passive modes 1 bass controll 1 mids control 1 highs co…

  • Spector NS-2J

    Spector NS-2J - "Precision, quality, power: a bass that rocks!" has images


    I bought this bass without even knowing what a Spector is... Pure chance, among a series of used bass guitars. Not even the seller seemed to know what it was, so I was lucky to get it for a third of its normal used price – let alone the fact it actua…

  • Fender American Special Jazz Bass

    Fender American Special Jazz Bass - "A disappointment"


    A friend of mine bought it for his home studio, he wanted a basse that would be easy to play so as to play it himself on demos when producing other artists. Considering the Jazz Bass as THE reference for that purpose, he jumped on this model which wa…

  • Fender Steve Harris Precision Bass 2015

    Fender Steve Harris Precision Bass 2015 - "Good craftmanship , bad replica and high price for a so-called signature model" has images


    A beautiful, well-crafted Mexican-made bass. Very high price for a remote "signature" model. Indeed, Steve Harris uses a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop SPB1 (500€ in 2002)… On this model, Fender offers the commercial Steve Harris signature model, whic…

  • Fender U.S. Vintage Reissue '62 Jazz Bass [1982-1998]

    Fender U.S. Vintage Reissue '62 Jazz Bass [1982-1998] - "Top of the line Fender" has images


    This is my main instrument, a 1996 '62 Jazz reissue, made in USA. I play it since 2004 and it is a monster. Wherever I plug in - in a studio or at a gig, soundmen get eargasms. I've bought this thing used from my friend, who bought it from some ot…