Yamaha BB1024
Yamaha BB1024

BB1024, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the BB series.

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rica2synthé 02/19/2017

Yamaha BB1024 : rica2synthé's user review

« What a lovely bass! »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I'm writing this review after receiving several requests from AudioFanzine users :-D ;)

I only started playing the bass a few months back so this review if not pro-level! I originally am a synth player, so I know what sound quality is about but I won't comment on cass-specific details such as the bridge, neck or strings. I'm only giving my opinion as a newcomer who appreciates beautiful instruments ;)

To begin with, a few specs that I've copied & pasted (better than to post a link, you have everything under your eyes ;) ):

3-part alder body
5-piece, maple/nato bolt-on neck
Rosewood fingerboard
21 frets------------------WHAT A PITY !
Scale : 34" (864 mm)
Radius : 10" (250mm)
Nut width : 1.5" (38.1 mm)
Vintage Plus metal bridge
Split Blade Alnico V neck pickup
Single Blade Ceramic bridge pickup
Master volume, Master tone-----------------a disputable choice !
Chrome hardware
45/100 strings

For the record, I started in the unknown world of bass bass buying a Yamaha RBX170, following several reviews and recommendations. I'd been advised this model because of its price, sufficient quality to discover this instrument, and also its sound quality - but well, no! Even for basic learning, a good build quality is important and this model only brought problems: permanent detuning, the jack in that unscrewed itself, shitty original strings, abnormally curved neck even aftr going to see a technician... So let's see what a more expensive model can bring!

Still, I kept no grievance against Yamaha for knowing the superb quality of their synths - God knows they were good!

I had the opportunity to buy a splendid, almost new black BB 1024 :-D
What a revelation it was!

Build quality is great, finish is flawless in all regards, the black varnish is splendid and tough, setting (strings, bridge, neck) couldn't be better, it almost never goes out of tune "when continuously stored in a solid fly case".

The neck is thin and well-built, beautiful with several layers of different woods, which looks nice! The only cons I find it is it only has 21 frets - for a beginner 24 is easier, to me at least!

The body is soft-shaped and pretty well matches my -rather fat :-D - belly. It's light, sturdy and well-finished, the right hand easily finds the pickup to play.

The pickups are beautiful and original! At the right place for the thumb.

Two knobw, one for volume and one for... sorry, I don't know! I can tweak it as I like but nothing happens, perhaps it's faulty? I dunno.

I use two different amps - a Fender Rumble 25 and a peachy Fender Bronco 40! Great for playing at home.

I'm going to take lessons from a "real" bassist, who has tried it several times! He tried it for rock, pop, dance, disco, jazz, fusion and other styles, plating slap, with a pick and so on and his opinion is totally positive. While he usually plays on high-end instruments he guaranteed me that this BB 1024 is nothing short from a great bass! He was so stunned by it that he'd be ready to get one.

So here it is, a beginner's review that may evolve in the future, as my technique does! :bravo: