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4-string bass guitars user reviews

  • Rickenbacker 4003

    Rickenbacker 4003 - "My Favorite Bass!!"


    What are the odds of finding a used 4003 fro around $200. Well fortunately enough I did. I had a buddy of mine selling it for that price...though it had been pretty beat. Nonetheless the neck was straight and very playable. I believe it was an early …

  • Harmony (String Instruments) H420

    Harmony (String Instruments) H420 - moosers's review


    The Harmony H420 is a somewhat rare hollow body bass guitar. It's got a double cutaway design and two F holes on both sides of it. I don't know the exact years that this was was made for, but I'm pretty sure that the one I used was made in the earl…

  • LTD Vintage-204 Maple

    LTD Vintage-204 Maple - "LTD Vintage 204 Distressed"


    This is the Vintage 204 series from LTD by ESP. It is their take on a Precision bass copy and made it Distressed similiar to Fender's latest Road Worn Series. I think these came in 2 colors black and sunburst. The P-bass pickup in the neck and t…

  • Ibanez GSR200

    Ibanez GSR200 - "Ibanez GSR 200"


    I am just getting back to playing Bass. After a service time loss I have only 3 fingers and thumb on my left hand and only nubs and a thumb on my right hand but love music and wanted to play again. I bought the Red quilted finish. I bought this bass…

  • Gibson Grabber G3

    Gibson Grabber G3 - moosers's review


    The Gibson Grabber G3 is an electric bass guitar that is in the same line as the original G1 Grabber. It first came out in the mid 1970's and is no longer being made, needless to say. The bass has three single coil pick ups, which is pretty rare fo…

  • Rickenbacker 3001

    Rickenbacker 3001 - "Fantastic sounding bass!"


    This is a bass manufactured in the USA, Los Angeles to be more specific. It has a maple body and neck with a rosewood fingerboard. There are 20 frets and it has a long scale. There is only one humbucking pickup, and there are three knobs (volume, bas…

  • Vox The Delta IV

    Vox The Delta IV - moosers's review


    Vox's The Delta IV is a four string electric bass guitar. I believe this bass was first made in the late 1960's, although I don't know for how long it was made or where it was manufactured. It's a unique bass for a few reasons - it's got a unique b…

  • Epiphone Newport EBS

    Epiphone Newport EBS - moosers's review


    The Epiphone Newport electric bass was made in the 1960's and is essentially Epiphone's version of the Gibson EB0. The bass comes in a few different types, but the one this is a review for is the original and most often seen - the Newport EBS. I do…

  • Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

    Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - Audiofanzine FR's review


    I'm disappointed by the finish. 1 - There is a big knot on the body. It looks like a big knob on top of the instrument. It looks awful. 2 - There was too much varnish under the 2nd fret and I had to polish it. I find such faults are not accep…

  • Ampeg Big Stud

    Ampeg Big Stud - "Ampeg Big Stud"


    This is a review for the Ampeg Big Stud bass. If I were to be completely honest, I'd say, do not buy this bass unless you get a great deal on it. It was made out of plywood, budget hardware and 2 of the puniest single coil pickups I have ever see…