Ibanez AFB200
Ibanez AFB200

AFB200, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the Artcore Bass series.

windoz 09/01/2013

Ibanez AFB200 : windoz's user review

«  I would like to be a Gretsch but I am far »

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Guitar-like hollow body. Made in China. Big stick, like C. 22 boxes. 2 humbuckers, switch 3 position, easel, handle and between. SETTINGS generous, 2 micro knob, making 4, tone / volume. Heuresusement there is no three microphones, otherwise it would have taken a footswitch dedi y'aurai longer had room on checkout!


Channel thick, wide. Strings, even original, has a surprising height of the handle .... The barrs the debutant that hurt the fingers and sound bad, it is here that ca happens. This is a real school, however, any Start 'or paul surprise after.

Ergonomics, zero. It's so thick handle that must be the ultimate force to look sharp.

She goes awry extremely easily. The cause, this filthy plastic easel dente wheel to tighten the ropes. A ignominie.Meme if no one touches it, he finds a way to fuck dawa in its settings, vibration, moisture ... it takes the agreement, but it's a Bigsby tout.mettre the above FALLS of suicide.

the sound is the prinicpal! the bridge pickup is nonexistent. The neck pickup, he, however, save the sound. Acute well without rock the house, yes, it's a guitar jazz / blues, rockabilly, but instead allowed to look further, almost in the possibilities of a folk improves.

To my mind, one microphone, but of better quality data have a much better performance. L is to bluff.

but it has something that ass ... Yes: it is aesthetically superb. A real trap the debutant who chooses to look rather than sound.

Beautiful, even, I dare. Of all the sunburst hollow body that will make you eye, you retain the sins it with his obsessive lacquer in several layers which shine in your eyes.

the colors of the sunburst deep. Tete was lennon with a guitar in the same color, so it looks like nothing so much. Microphones sparkle. the head is perfectly proportione. Pierced the gills to perfection.

The pickguard, he betrayed his membership in plastic with large veins in the middle.

She has a great face! but out of ca ...

To note, the jack plug do not like being used. The varnish cracks around, and the screw loosens inevitably. "We do not care, ca will be not" Hiro says, the Ibanez marketing department. Oh yes, I saw ...


I do not play the blues; jazz. AC could have found it a function, but no, not my thing. We will say that I was his ced plastic, and I do not conaissais Ibanez.

I get a sound. Sincerely, nothing convincing. crappy microphones. In the years lights of a Gretsch.

Glue has traver a pedal Effective Sim as a G3 zoom, we found it ...


I for 2 months. Ready for testing. I DETAILEDREPORT in the Gretsch hollow body.

What I like the most? is BEAUTIFUL. beautiful, gorgeous, we cling to its travels just to watch it.

what I like least play with. pure rotten mess that these microphones.

For a slightly more expensive OCCAZ by being patient, it gains access to mieux.Non, I would not make that choice.

Beautiful, certainly ... but that's it.